The Goodness Brew Wood Green Hopping City Pale Ale

Community grown hops. Traditional golden ale, fruity with a biscuit malt base.

The Goodness Brew Sunset Dry Hopped Red Ale

Modern Red Ale with Citra and Columbus.

Dorking Brewery Five Claw West Coast IPA

Full on West Coast IPA with SIX hops, tropical fruit aromas.

Ascot Disruption is BrewingHow To Dress For Apocalypse

Black IPA, chocolate caramel, coffee overtones, tropical orange & blueberry.

Ascot Disruption is Brewing Battle Royale Amarillo

Single hop Amarillo pale, fruity and hoppy.

Ascot Disruption is Brewing Chaos More Chaos


Juicy NEPA, smooth, crushable, exotic fruit punch bowl extravaganza.

Crafty Brewing Hop Tipple IPA

Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade and Chinook hops.

Crafty Brewing Blind Side

Deep amber ale. A truly fine example of a best bitter.

Crafty Brewing Crafty One Pale Ale

Pale-straw coloured beer with international flavours of Chinook & Sorachi Ac

Crafty Brewing Loxhill Biscuit

Graceful golden beer brewed with Amarillo, First Gold and Challenger.

Box Steam Brewery Ghost Train Ruby Bitter

Rich and complex ruby bitter, roasted malts and Colombus hops.

Big Hand Brewing Co Solaris Pale Ale

Soft Pale Ale, bright citrus flavours with tropical notes.

Big Hand Brewing Co Spectre Welsh Dry Stout Ale

Ultra dark dry stout. Liquorice, coffee & dark toast, smooth oatmeal stout.

Big Hand Brewing Co Seren Welsh Pale Ale

Soft Pale Ale, Fresh Melon, Peach and Tangerine flavours.

Tiny Rebel Electric Boogaloo
Tiny Rebel Feel The Rhythm
Tiny Rebel Cwtch
Tiny Rebel Five Dollar Shake
Horsell Gold

Dark, creamy, full bodied, with chocolate & coffee notes.

Thurstons Brewery Horsell Gold

Rounded bitterness, caramel and spice on the palette, a hoppy aroma.

Stardust Brewery PK3

Complex hop profile. Tropical, fruity, spicy...it’s got them all.

Stardust Brewery Optic

Aromatic hoppy pale ale with US hops, tropical fruits on the nose.

Stardust Brewery Easy Pale Citra

Session pale, subtle blend of US hops and pale malt.

Siren Craft Brew Suspended In Cans

American pale brewed with Galaxy hops, think peach and citrus peel.

Siren Craft Brew Neo Normal


A special collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, brewed with TALUS™.

Siren Craft Brew Middle Finger Discount


100% Mosaic IPA, spun on cedar wood, dank, deep tropical fruit.

Siren Craft Brew Sunset To The Skies

Helles lager, underlying sweetness,subtle spicy,floral & herbal aroma.

Siren Craft Brew Let The Night In


Tropical fruit, citrus and resinous aromas burst from this Black IPA.

New Bristol Heyday

Comet, Mosaic, Centennial & Galaxy, soft juicy, fruity & hazy. Lactose.

New Bristol My Mosaic Romance

Tropical fruit, grapefruit blossom, mandarin orange and blueberries.

New Bristol Brewery Cinder Toffee Stout

Liquidised Crunchie Bars in a stout. The perfect sessionable beer for the colder

New Bristol Brewery Summacrush

Delicious, juicy, hazy session IPA.

Mad Squirrel De La Nut

Hazelnut milk stout, smooth and creamy from added lactose sugar.

Elusive Brewing City 17

Bright and bitter West Coast-style Pale Ale single-hopped with Mosaic.

Elusive Brewing Plan B (2020)

Melon, Vic Secret and Southern Cross with US & Belgian yeast.

Wild Weather John Peel

Banana Milkshake IPA.

Wild Weather Damn Dead Gooseberry

Light bodied, refreshing sour, nice balance between tart and sweet.

Wild Weather Full of Beans Export

Maple and Walnut coffee stout, cold steeped in Arabica beans.

Weird Beard Anti-Social Social Club
Weird Beard F*ck you I won't brew what you tell me

West Coast IPA simcoe, Centennial, Chinook and Colombus.

Weird Beard The Dodo

Collab with The Dodo pub. Juicy, easy drinking DDH pale.

Weird Beard Dark Times Dark Measures

Milk coffee stout with Tonka beans. Contains lactose.

Weird Beard Armus Stout Cans

Thick, slightly sweet luxurious stout.

Weird Beard Five O'Clock Shadow

American IPA big on hoppiness!

Tiny Rebel Brewery Shake Down Cans
Tiny Rebel Brewery Cali Pale Cans
Tiny Rebel Brewery Clwb Tropica Cans
Tiny Rebel Brewery Pineapple Express Cans

Pineapple IPA collaboration with Polly's Brew Co..

Siren Craft Brew Suspended In Cans

Soft, hazy, juicy, packed full of hops.

Siren Craft Brew Juice 'Em Up

Tropical sour, purées of punchy pineapple, ripe peach, strawberry.

Siren Craft Brew Guava Script

Pink Guava sour with Azacca and Mosaic.

Siren Craft Brew Much Ado About Muffin

Collaboration with Lervig , suitably bursting with juicy blueberries.

Siren Craft Brew Do Repeat Yourself Cans

Crisp, dry, crushable and thirst-quenching, beautiful hop expression.

Siren Craft Brew Futurist

Gluten Free session IPA. Aromas of grapefruit, citrus, tropical fruits.

Siren Craft Brew Suspended In Cans

Hazy pale ale packed full of hops.

Siren Craft Brew Soundwave Cans

Tropical heaven, big hitting US hops.

Siren Craft Brew Calypso Cans

Dry hopped sour, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Ekuanot, Hallertau Blanc.

Reunion Ales Think Tank

Session IPA , solid malt base with fruity citrus hop aroma.

Phantom Brewing Modern Chemistry

Hazy pale is hopped with Columbus BBC and Amarillo.

Phantom Brewing Joey

Super juicy pale ale, packed full of Galaxy and Eall & a touch Vic Sec.

Phantom Brewing Meadow Road Cans

Well balanced pale ale, Colombus, Amarillo and mandarina Bavaria.

Mondo Brewing Company Machina
Mondo Brewing Company Captain #2

DDH Pale with Amarillo, Motueka and Simcoe.

Moncada Brewery We Are Floating in Ace
Moncada Brewery Safe Word is Kolsch

Tasty Kolsch style, one of the Blueprint series.

Moncada Brewery Switch NEIPA

Latest Blueprint series NEIPA.

Mad Squirrel Roadkill

An Opaque IPA, BAM! That’s Roadkill hitting your taste buds like a body bounci

Mad Squirrel Paradisi

Grapefruit Radler, low ABV, mega juicy and refreshing.

Loddon Brewery This is New England

Citrussy, tropical, green tea, lemon glory; Ekuanot, Mosaic, Lemondrop.

Jefferson's Brewery Clever Clogs
Jefferson's Brewery Deep Scoop

A chewy and hazy NEIPA, dry hopped with Bru-1 and Mosaic.

Jefferson's Brewery Reload

Crisp, clean and balanced Helles Lager.

Jeffersons Brewery Birthday No.3

New England Pale Citra and Mosaic.

Jeffersons Brewery The Brightside

Hazy Pale Simcoe and Citra.

Iron Pier Rosherville Red

Hop-forward Red Ale, punchy US hops, a big fruity character.

Iron Pier Breezy Day

Big tropical character with Citra, Galaxy & Sultana.

Elusive Brewing Anomalous Materials

Hazy pale collab with Vibrant Forest, Mosaic, Citra and Sabro.

Dorking Brewery Black Noise

New age porter with 8 malts and only British hops.

Dorking Brewery Red India

Award winning toasty sweet red IPA, Perle and Centennial hops.

Dorking Brewery Surrey XPA

Ideal session pale with US & UK hops; light, refreshing, easy to drink.

By the Horns Citrus Paradisi

Juiced up session IPA bursting with fresh tropical notes.

By the Horns Old Smoke

Lighty smoked English tea, bitter floral British hops, Ceylon & Earl Grey.

By the Horns Lambeth Walk

London porter. Velvety, rich with coffee, cocoa notes and hints of nut.

Ascot Brewing Company Front Runner

Dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo hop flavours.

By the Horns Brewing Co. Black Forest Gateau

Cherry Chocolate Imperial Stout.

By the Horns Brewing Co. West End Pils

Czech style pilsner, fusion of Saaz and Centennial, crisp lager.

By the Horns Brewing Co. Squeezer


Juicy Pale Ale bursting with soft tropical fruity goodness.

Ascot Brewing Company Last Walk Thru' Eden

Tropical, forbidden fruit treat is dry hopped with some of New Zealand's finest.

Ascot Brewing Company Citra Slam

Citrus and floral flavours, lasting grapefruit & tropical kicks.

Ascot Brewing Company Anastasia's Stout

Deep, complex stout full of roasted coffee, bitter chocolate flavours.

Ascot Brewing Company Starting Gate

Terrific copper-coloured, fully loaded session bitter.

Ascot Brewing Company 5/4 Favourite

Refreshing Golden Ale, a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops.

Ascot Brewing Company Gold Cup

Delicious and outstanding session IPA, lovely citrus and pine flavours.

Siren Craft Brew Sins Apple Stout

'Sins' is a beer/cider hybrid, a style sometimes referred to as a Graf.

XT Brewing Squid Ink

Blend of Columbus, Summit, Galaxy and Chinook hops + nine malts.

XT Brewing Animal Range ELK

Rich amber ale.

Windsor & Eton Brewery Knight of the Garter

Straw coloured golden ale with an initial hit of cut grapefruit zest.

Wild Weather Full of Beans
Wild Weather King Street Pale


An easy-drinking hazy extraordinaire of a beer.

Wild Weather Storm in A Teacup


Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops.

Wild Weather Plain Sailing Weather

A dry and punchy IPA infused with Makrut lime leaves and lime zest.

Wild Weather Ales Damn Dead Apricot

Light bodied, refreshing apricot sour, balance between tart & sweet. &nbs

Wild Weather Ales Knights Who Say NEPA

Session New England pale.  

Wild Weather Ales Curse of Threepwood


Tart colossus of a beer, rich, sweet rhubarb,backdrop of hibiscus.  

Wild Weather Ales Wild Weather Ales


Luscious peach aroma, tart finish delivers a World beating sour.  

Weird Beard Knight in Sour Armour

Sour Black IPA collab with Tripoint, lashings of Sorachi Ace.

Weird Beard Little Things That Kill


Session IPA with lactose and oats.

Weird Beard Dead By Dawn


Cherry Breakfast Stout collab with Brewdog Shoreditch.

Weird Beard Mariana On Mango

Mango IPA - Trench amped up with added mango!

Weird Beard Mariana Trench Sign of The Southern Cross

Black IPA restrained chocolate and coffee.

Tiny Rebel Brewery Key lime

Lager with Key lime.

Thames Side Brewery Heron Ale

Traditional English bitter with fuggles and goldings.

Tapestry Brewery New Zealand Pale Ale

Pale ale showcasing NZ hops, Rakau, Wakatu and Nelson Sauvin.

Stardust Brewery Searching

Citra, Cascade, Nelson and Mosaic.

Fallen Acorn Brewing Double Tide

Czech style pilsner; sweetness, combined with spicy hop character.

Fallen Acorn Brewing Miami Weiss


Tropical fruited sour, Peko & Amarillo; passionfruit, mango, pineapple.

Fallen Acorn Brewing Lockdown


Sessionable New England style IPA, full of tropical juice notes.

Fallen Acorn Brewing Crystal Haze

NEIPA Cascade, Comet, and Mosaic Juicy notes of mango, citrus.

Fallen Acorn Brewing Sith Faced


Oatmeal stout, coffee, chocolate raosty notes launched May Fourth.

Siren Craft Brew Suspended in Nelson

Hazy pale with nelson sauvin.

HedgeDog Brewing Vice

Classic Weissbier style characterised by a balance of flavours.

HedgeDog Brewing Lighthouse Pale

Dry refreshing mouthfeel with a lingering, spicy, dry bitterness.

Siren Craft Brew Undercurrent Cask Beer

Palisade, Columbus and Cascade hops with grassy, spicy aromas.

Siren Craft Brew Lumina Cask Beer


Session IPA with hoppy aromas of mango and pineapple.

Siren Craft Beer Yu Lu Cask Beer


Refreshing and exciting with Eark Grey and lemon zest.

Reunion Ales Afterword Mosaic Pale Ale
Reunion Ales Incredible Pale Ale

Beautiful copper-straw colour, fruity, herbaceous India Pale Ale.

Reunion Ales PIA


Dark, complex and light-bodied porter hopped with NZ Waimea.

Quantock Brewery QPA


Light in colour, US hops, massive citrus flavour and aroma.

Quantock Brewery Mini Milestone

Well hopped session IPA.

Quantock Brewery Titanium


West Coast IPA style beer, bursting with tropical hop flavours.

Phantom Brewing Midnight Space Cowboy

Roasty, coffee, oatmeal stout.

Phantom Brewing Truffles

Wheat Beer with Grapefruit and Orange zest.

Phantom Brewing My Cat's Birthday

Pale ale with a healthy dose of Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria.

Phantom Brewing Palm Trees and Power Lines
Phantom Brewing Curbside Luao
Phantom Brewing Life is a Rollercoaster

An All Mosaic IPA (Mosaic, Mosaic BBC and Cryo Mosaic).

Phantom Brewing Touch


Apple and blackcurrant sour.

Phantom Brewing Punch Drunk

Raspberry and pineapple sour.

Ossett Brewery Excelsius

A classic pale ale, brewed from British pale malt & US Cascade hops.

Ossett Brewery Silver King

Pale, crisp, dry and bitter with cirtus from American Cascade.

Oakham Ales Citra T90

Unfiltered session IPA, with, well, Citra.

Oakham Ales Attila

Rich elderflower aromas, ripe red berry and citrus flavours.

Oakham Ales Elephant In The Kanha

Smooth slightly hazy NEIPA,lemon, lime, melon hop flavours.

Oakham Ales Would Be Kings

Subtly aromatic with red berry, pineapple and citrus fruit hop.

Oakham Ales Black Hole Porter

Big dark malt flavours, sweet fruity hop taste, exceedingly drinkable.

Oakham Ales Endless Summer

Skilfully hopped with a blend of USA and New Zealand sourced hops.

Oakham Ales Mr Hyde

Packed with powerful citrus hops and a dangerous level of bitterness.

Oakham Ales Jeffrey Hudson Bitter

Light and refreshing session bitter.

Oak Ales Citra

Champion Golden Beer of Britain 2019. Juicy flavours of grapefruit, lychee and l

No Frills Joe American Wheat

Sweeter and smother with thick, long lasting head.

No Frills Joe Lockdoan Joe

Great session pale with bullion hops.

No Frills Joe Dreamland


Hoppy west coast session IPA, bursting with citrusy and piney aromas.

New Bristol Joy of Sesh

Session IPA packed full of flavour, maris otter & oats, mosaic & citra.

Mighty Oak Brewing Old Man and The Sea

Dark and delicious creamy stout.

Mighty Oak Brewing Nut Bastard

Golden hoppy, hazy, vegan friendly ale, honey and erathy flavours.

Mighty Oak Brewing Cascade IPA

India Pale Ale style with robust floral hops, nicely bitter.

Mad Squirrel De La Creme

De La Creme is really the crème de la crème.

Mad Squirrel Native Munich Helles

Golden, full-bodied and malty with a delicate hop bite.

Mad Squirrel Hopfenweisse

Classic wheat base with generous dry hopping.

Mad Squirrel Hopfest Gluten Free Pale


A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra.

Loddon Brewery Ferryman's Gold

Golden, smooth ale packed with zesty, aromatic Styrian Golding hops.

Loddon Brewery Pekko Quad

Ninth in the series; citrus and melon juicy session IPA.

Loddon Brewery Dragonfly

Strong pale ale heaps of Cascade and Comet hops, peppery aroma with hints of gra

Loddon Brewery Ekuanot Quad

Intense aroma hop showcases flavours of lemon, lime and papaya.

Jeffersons Brewery Hidden Constellations


NEIPA with Enigma, Galaxy and Mosaic.

Jeffersons Brewery Hop Puppeteer


DDH pale, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Colombus & Comet.

Jeffersons Brewery Pulse


Pale clean & refreshing with subtle orange zest notes; Blanc hop.

Iron Pier Keller Queen


German style lager beer, soft hoppy character, balanced bitterness.

Iron Pier Saison Ekuanot

Ekuanot dry-hopped saison.

Iron Pier Session IPA

IPA packed full of Mosaic, Chinook and Cascade hops.

Iron Pier Bullion IPA

Full bodied, zesty orange/citrus & dark fruit aroma and flavours.

Iron Pier Cast Iron Stout

Dark chocolate and coffee, highly drinkable smooth stout.

Iron Pier Brewery Bitter

Easy drinking bitter with English hops. Honey & Toffee malt flavours.

Fallen Acorn Brewing A Wave of Light


West Coast IPA, dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic and Comet.

Fallen Acorn Expedition IPA

Full flavoured and complex grapefruit and citrus notes.

Fallen Acorn She Sings Sea Shanties
Elusive Brewing Level Up 23

American Red Ale with Ekuanot ad Mosaic.

Elusive Brewing Overflow

Kolsch style collab with Double Barrelled and Siren.



Coffee Porter. A classically-styled London Porter, with the addition of freshly


West Coast inspired American Pale Ale, Amarillo and Citra.



New England Pale with Australian Galaxy, Enigma and Vic Secret.


Easy drinking best bitter 100% English Malt + Bobek & Bramling Cross.


Flagship pale ale, Citra and Chinook hops from Yakima valley.


Citra Heavyweight aromas and flavours that are thirst quenching.


Hoppy golden ale with a blend of Goldings and Cascade hops.


Smooth amber with Target, Challenger and Goldings hops.


IPA with a pleasant fruit salad aroma & smack of Mosaic hop flavour.


Soft, citrus flavoured session ale with a light, dry finish.


Straw coloured best bitter. Delightful hop flavours soften to a delicate malt fi


Winner of the Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, 2017, at the Great British Beer


A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter, bucket fulls of American hops.


A bright gold beer with mild hoppiness with notes of melon.

INNFormal Brewery Inn Session

Session golden ale dry hopped with Cascade & Centennial.

INNFormal Brewery Inn House Best Bitter

Target and Goldings hopped, nice rounded bitterness.

Elusive Brewing Mephisto

Mosaic pale ale

Elusive Brewing Oregon Trail
Elusive Brewing Stryker Cascade Pale Ale

Cascade pale ale

By the Horns Manilla Thriller


Mango saison bursting with fruity esters. Sabro hops.

By the Horns Hefeweizen


Wheat beer with aromas of spice and banana.