How The Turntables

Delicate,hazy pale; aromas of tangerine & hints of rose; Talus,Galaxy, Idaho7

Co-brewed by Thornbriodge and Brouwerij Kees.

Brouwerij Kees are legends of the Dutch brewing scene.

Led by Brewmaster Kees Bubberman, they are known world-wide for their great range of beers and dedication to quality. Thornbridge co-brewed a beer with them and decided to create a light and fresh table beer, a style to be enjoyed with friends under a radiant blue sky.

In the glass, it’s a delicate, hazy pale with aromas of tangerine and hints of rose wafting forth. The first sip is crisp with flavours of mango, followed by juicy pineapple and a floral whisper.