Terms & Conditions

Businesses (“Customers”, “You” and “Your”) purchase from Best Cask Ltd (Company Registration No. 11323035; “We”, “Our” and “Us”) are deemed to have accepted Our Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).

1. Eligibility

1.1 A Customer may open a credit account with Us. In order for Us to process Your application, it must be signed by an approved authorised signatory, as detailed in clause 1.2.


1.2 Approved authorised signatories are, as follows:

(a) Sole traders – the proprietor

(b) Partnerships – one of the partners

(c) Limited companies – a current Company Director

(d) Charities – a current Trustee

(e) All other organisation types – an individual with financial responsibility (for instance, a Treasurer)

2. Credit Terms, Invoices and Payments

2.1 Our standard terms for credit are 14 days after invoice date and we must receive payment on time to ensure that credit purchasing remains possible on Your account. We may give longer credit terms to selected established customers, but this is entirely subject to Our discretion.


2.2 Invoices are generated on the date of delivery and credit terms are calculated based on such a date.


2.3 Bank transfer into Our bank account as advised on Your invoice is the preferred payment method. We may be able to accept cash on delivery for the convenience of Our customers on certain occasions.


2.4 Should Your account become overdue You will be notified and given the chance to make an electronic payment to Our account within 2 working days. Should payment not be received within the agreed credit period, We may suspend your account to remove the credit facility, charge interest, apply late payment charges, engage debt collection agencies and add the debt collection fees to Your bill

3. Credit Limits

3.1 The credit value extended to You will be confirmed at the time of approval of Your account (“the credit limit”).


3.2 If the balance on Your account exceeds the currently approved credit limit, We will automatically suspend Our delivery to You until a payment is made to reduce the balance or settle the account in full.


3.3 We may adjust the level of credit provided to You at any time. Late payment or other indication of reduced credit worthiness may result in a reduction of the credit limit.


3.4 The offer of credit to You may be withdrawn, or reduced at Our sole discretion. After withdrawal of credit, any outstanding transactions requiring payment will be payable via invoice as per the agreed credit terms.

4. Order and Delivery

4.1 Anyone placing an order with Us from Your regular email address and/or phone number will be deemed authorised by You to make the purchase.


4.2 We will deliver Your order to the address specified by You in the Customer Account Opening Form  or in Your email. If You instruct Us to deliver to a new address, this must be provided to us in writing. 

5. Casks and Kegs Returns

5.1 Beers are contained in casks and/or kegs, which are vessels for the beer inside. Casks and kegs are owned or leased by breweries and therefore are not Your properties to dispose of. You agree to use and store these casks and kegs with due care.


5.2 We endeavour to collect empty casks and kegs upon receiving Your notification. Alternatively, the relevant breweries and instructed third parties may arrange collection. You accept responsibility for storing and returning the vessel upon request.

6. Ullage

6.1 Ullage must be reported by email or other electronic means within 7 days of delivery and the following information is to be provided:

(a) Type of beer (Name):

(b) Gyle No.:

(c) Best Before Date:

(d) Nature of problem:


6.2 Ullages will be collected by Us and a credit note will then be issued to You if agreed by the brewery concerned and only if the following has been followed:

(a) less than two gallons has been removed from the product,

(b) the recommended settling and venting times are observed,

(c) the recommended temperatures are maintained during storage of the product,

(d) the storage/service areas (usually a cellar) are kept clean and free of micro biological contaminants, and

(e) the product is sealed and retained to be uplifted by Us.

7. Data Protection

7.1 We take your privacy very seriously and will not pass your details to any third party without your permission, other than where We have to do so to fulfil Your order and/or to collect empty casks and/or kegs. From time to time, We may send marketing information about discounts and offers, unless you have told us not to do so by contacting us via email sales@bestcask.com. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1 You agree to settle any disputes or disagreement with Us amicably through negotiations and mediation in good faith. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, You agree to submit the dispute to the courts in Berkshire.