BEERS & CIDERS IN STOCK - W/C 4/7/2022 (Beers And Ciders Marked With * or ** May Be Past BB Date)

360°El Dorado9G CASK4.70%Single hop hazy pale; El dorado£902
360°Pavillion9G CASK5.50%Intense,powerful aroma of toffee,liquorice,plum,damson,honey & biscuit malt£881
360°Fastback9G CASK5.20%West Coast pale with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra£942
AmpersandFrappe9G CASK7.00%Sweet milk stout; cold steeped Strangers coffee with a big shot of vanilla£1351
Big HandHavok*9G CASK5.00%Big citrusy hop monster. Intense grapefruit carried on a bitter-sweet malty body.£942
Big HugRed Rye*9G CASK5.00%6 malts, Rye and Crystal Rye; Vibrant red in colour; US hops Mosaic & Columbus.£691
Box SteamSoul Train*9G CASK4.00%IPA with a pleasant fruit salad aroma & smack of Mosaic hop flavour£751
BrithopSword of Tyranny9G CASK3.70%Mild brewed with experimental hops; Chocolate & orange notes present£871
BrockleySession IPAS 30l Keg4.60%Big, fruity flavours are backed up by delicate malt flavours. Styrian Wolf & Citra£901
ButcombeOriginal9G CASK4.00%Maris Otter malt+ blend of English hops; bitter, clean and refreshing £802
ButcombeMastershake9G CASK5.20%Milkshake IPA; hazy orange colur; exotic flavours and vanilla goodness£1032
ButcombeChris Moose*9G CASK4.10%Full bodied winter warmer, with the finest English Maris Otter & toasted malts£662
ButcombeHaka* (7/4)9G CASK4.50%Malty and smooth, full-flavoured, well-balanced pale ale; Nelson Sauvin hops£751
Castle RockInto the WildS 30l Keg4.50%Sweet cereal notes; refreshing crisp acidity;aromas of banana&bubblegum£991
Castle RockOatmeal StoutS 30l Keg4.60%Notes of dried fruit, roasted coffee and caramel are balanced by creamy oats£991
Castle RockElsie Mo9G CASK4.70%Maris Otter + First Gold, Aurora & Bobek, delicate citrus aroma/floral taste.£901
Crafty BrewingWave Catcher/Hop Tipple*S 50l Keg4.20%American IPA; Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade & Chinook£1103
Crafty BrewingLaughing Wolf*S 50l Keg4.40%APA Dry-hopped and packed with Columbus and Citra hops£1151
Crafty BrewingSchwarz Mönch*S 50l Keg5.00%Dark Swiss Beer, crisp and refreshing, but dark & roasty at the same time.£1501
Crouch ValeAmarillo9G CASK5.00%Premium golden ale; wonderful aromas of Amarillo hops; spicy & orangy£1072
DiB/AscotBattle Royale: Centennial*30l EcoKeg4.40%Single hop Centennial pale, fruity and hoppy£971
DiB/AscotBattle Royale: Amarillo9G CASK4.40%Single hop Amarillo pale, fruity and hoppy£1021
DiB/AscotHowToDressForApocalypse **S 30l EcoKeg5.50%Black IPA, chocolate caramel, coffee overtones, tropical orange & blueberry£501
DorkingFeatherweight9G CASK2.80%LTD EDITION Micro Pale West Coast yeast; hops Galena, Amarillo & Cascade£871
GoodnessAll Summer LongS 50l Keg3.50%Summer blonde; big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£1151
GoodnessA Love SupremeS 30l Keg6.10%DDH hazy IPA, super pale,low bitterness, Amarillo, Citrus,Columbus,El Dorado£1152
GoodnessYes!S 30l Keg4.50%Session IPA, big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£903
GoodnessSunsetS 30l Keg4.70%Modern Red Ale with Citra and Columbus£904
GoodnessOur Friend SabroS 30l Keg5.20%Hazy pale; notes of coconut and guava with a juicy full bodied finish.£1153
GoodnessGood LagerS 30l Keg4.20%Clean, crisp, sessionable czech style lager/pilsner£843
HedgedogCold FusionPolyKeg S30l5.00%Kolsch style, dry and refreshing with a lingering light bitterness£801
Iron PierJoined At The Hop9G CASK3.80%Light golden fruity Pale with Centennial and Bullion hops£841
Iron PierPerry St Pale9G CASK3.70%Crisp Pale packed with fruity hops£842
Iron PierBitter9G CASK4.00%Easy drinking bitter brewed using English hops. Honey and Toffee flavours£821
Iron PierOld Ale9G CASK4.30%Nutty and delicious old ale£862
Iron PierEvolution IPA9G CASK5.00%Big bold 7 hop tropical fruit juice explosion of flavours. Unfined.£1022
Iron PierSession IPAS 30l Keg4.20%Crisp and hoppy session IPA , citrus aromas and light bitterness£921
Iron PierKeller QueenS 30l Keg4.40%German style lager, soft hoppy character and balanced bitterness£921
Iron PierRosherville RedS 30l Keg4.80%Hop-forward Red Ale, punchy US hops, a big fruity character£951
KentTropic Ale9G CASK4.90%Hotbed of fruity and citrusy hops for a taste of the tropics£932
KrombacherPilsS 30l Keg4.80%Fruity hop aromas from Felsquellwasser and hallertau; clean, refreshing pils£921
LiberationAle9G CASK4.00%Easy drinking classic golden ale with some citrus, from Jersey£843
LoddonDisparity BIPA*9G CASK4.80%Pitch black ale, highly hopped with Calypso & Centennial£601
LoddonDisparity White Stout*9G CASK4.80%Roasty dry from cacao nibs, malt and lactose, herby hop notes£602
LordsBaller Mountain IPAS PolyKeg 30l5.70%Triple dry hopped mountain IPA, bursting with mouth watering fruity flavours£1102
LordsTo The Moon9G CASK3.90%Traditional British Blonde but using an American Yeast; with ight bitterness£781
LordsSilver Spur9G CASK4.60%Ultra Pale with sweet malt and delicious citrus, floral and pineapple aromas£852
LordsNight Hawk American Amber9G CASK5.00%Hoppy amber ale, dry-hopped with American yeast and hops£922
LordsSleeper LagerS 30l Keg4.00%Premium lager , 7 weeks matured, light, crisp and clean£902
Mad SquirrelHopfenweisse **S 30l Keg5.40%Classic wheat base with generous dry hopping PRICE DROP£801
Mad SquirrelRedwood* (19/4)9G CASK5.40%Hopped with Centennial and Chinook this is a old school IPA£1051
Mad SquirrelMr Squirrel9G CASK4.00%Premium bitter with notes of vanilla, nuts and toffee£871
Mad SquirrelResolution9G CASK4.20%Golden ale late hopped with three US hop varieties£851
Mad SquirrelSapling9G CASK4.80%Session IPA; bold flavours of pine and citrus with a bitter finish.£952
Mad SquirrelCV.3*PolyKeg K30l5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£1221
Mad SquirrelMidnight**S 30l Keg5.80%Black IPA; dark malts, notes of citrus and pine£862
Mad SquirrelJuice Blast Citrus IPAS 30l Keg6.20%Cashmere, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria & Amarillo; zesty orange, lemon & lime £1201
Mad SquirrelAbbey*KK 20l Keg7.50%Rich and malty doppelbock£951
Mad SquirrelSapwood**S 30l Keg8.50%West Coast DIPA; citrus pith, grapefruit, resinous,piney, touch of caramel£1702
Mad SquirrelWit’ermelonS 30l Keg4.90%Real fruit juice and malted wheat; authentic flavour profile£1151
MilestoneShine On*(31/3)9G CASK4.00%Refreshing straw coloured citrus ale; herbaceous and floral hints£771
MilestoneLoxley*(31/03)9G CASK4.20%Crisp, refreshing deep gold, infused with local honey; easy drinking beer£791
MilestoneCrusader9G CASK4.40%Aromatic premium blone with Challenger and Progress hopsPOA2
MilestoneSummer Lovin’9G CASK3.90%Extra pale refreshing fruity ale’ melon and citrus flavoursPOA1
MilestoneColonial9G CASK5.50%Pale gold, aromatic, refreshing, crisp; New World hopsPOA3
MondoKomet*S 30l Keg3.50%BerlinerWeisse,Hallertau/Mittelfrueh/wheat, chit&lager malt£992
New BristolBristol Lager*S 50l Keg4.60%Clean, pale lager with a citrus finish; crisp yet soft maltiness£1101
No Frills JoeQMPT2 – Spooky At A DistanceS 30l Keg6.00%New England pale; brewed with Ekuanot; 2nd in a Quantum Mechanics series.£1081
No Frills JoeQMPT3 – Schrödinger’s CatKK 30l Keg7.00%Thick, soft, juicy New England IPA brewed with Ekuanot£1251
No Frills JoeBest Bitter9G CASK4.00%Malty, nutty, well balanced, with substantial body, stunning deep chestnut£922
OakhamJeffrey Hudson Bitter (JHB)*9G CASK3.80%Light and refreshing session bitter£901
OakhamSession Stout*9G CASK4.00%Complex roasted malt flavours; rich, smooth mouthfeel; floral notes£941
OakhamWhite Dwarf9G CASK4.30%Fruit flavours shining through to a zesty, thirst quenching finish.£1062
OakhamMompessons Gold*9G CASK5.20%Cask aged amber ale with Challenger and Savinjski Goldings£984
OakhamGreen Devil9G CASK6.00%Powerful tropical fruit IPA with Citra£1252
OakhamWould Be Kings9G CASK5.00%Subtly aromatic with red berry, pineapple and citrus fruit hop £1061
OakhamRogue Hop-Session IPA9G CASK4.10%Citrus and tropical fruit; Olicana, Jester and Harlequin plus First Gold.£1031
OakhamCitra T90S 30l Keg4.60%Unfiltered session IPA, exploding with hop character;powerful T90 hop pellets£1092
OakhamGreen DevilS 30l Keg6.00%Powerful tropical fruit IPA with Citra£1091
OssettSilver King*9G CASK4.30%Pale, crisp, dry and bitter with citrus from American Cascade£852
ParkAmeliaS 30l Keg4.20%Heady mix of tropical fruits, blueberry and citrus notes from Mosaic£931
Park1637 PilsS 30l Keg4.90%Deep golden Bohemian-style pilsner. Munich, Pils and Carahell malts£892
PhantomAutumn*KK 30l Keg6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£1051
PhantomMidnight Space Cowboy’s In Space*KK 30l Keg7.00%Roasty, coffee, oatmeal stout amped up to 7.0%£802
PortobelloHedgerow Pale Ale*9G CASK4.50%Refreshing fruity session pale; fruit foraged from hedgerows£821
QuantockTitanium9G CASK5.10%West Coast IPA style beer, bursting with tropical hop flavours£991
RoostersGo Backer*PolyKeg S30l3.60%Scaled down, Vermont IPA; soft, juicy & brimming with citrus fruit GLUTEN FREE£752
RoostersYankee9G CASK4.30%One of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK£842
SalopianLemon Dream*9G CASK4.50%Shimmering golden ale that is brewed using organic lemons£861
SirenYuLu9G CASK3.60%Refreshing and exciting with Eark Grey and lemon zest£923
SirenLong Beach On The Map9G CASK4.50%Old school West Coast pale ale, clean and crisp;Centennial, Simcoe & Chinook £1102
SirenMemento9G CASK3.80%Best bitter; biscuit and caramel flavours from our malts, balanced by English hops£891
SirenBroken Dream9G CASK6.50%Breakfast stout brewed with milk sugar and espresso coffee£1142
SirenSuspended In Eclipse9G CASK4.00%Hazy pale ale with Eclipse£1081
SirenLuminaS 30l Keg4.20%Session IPA with hoppy aromas of mango and pineapple£882
SirenSoundwaveKK 30l Keg5.60%Tropical heaven, big hitting US hops£1021
SirenBest Kept SecretsS 30l Keg4.50%Belgian blonde ale; fresh tartness and floral spiciness£1001
SirenTogether And Apart*S 30l Keg6.20%Cascadian Dark Ale, rich dark malts, toasty coconut, tropical hops£501
StardustCitra PilsS 30l Keg4.60%Hazy pale malts, citrus nose; tangerine notes. Pilsner with citra.£982
TapestryTreasure **S 30l EcoKeg6.10%Smoked honey porter, peated malt and honey from Zambia.£501
ThornbridgeHopton9G CASK4.30%Burnt gold English pale ale; clean bitterness & touch of lingering grassiness.£941
ThornbridgeMade North9G CASK3.80%Manchester-style bitter which pours a bright golden colour.£901
ThornbridgeAshford9G CASK4.20%Floral and berry hop characters; gentle coffee and roast hazelnut aromas£932
ThornbridgeBayernS 30l Keg5.00%Late hopped pils; spicy and earthy flavours with hints of citrus.£902
ThornbridgeHow The TurntablesS 30l Keg3.30%Delicate,hazy pale; aromas of tangerine & hints of rose;Talus,Galaxy, Idaho7£832
Tiny RebelPeloton Pale*9G CASK4.20%Session Pale Ale; smooth, citrus and pine£831
Tiny RebelPress Start Level 39G CASK4.30%Mosaic and Mandarin Meringue pale£931
Tiny Rebel313 LagerS 30l Keg4.60%Soft grapefruit, white wine grapes, lemongrass & cucumber characteristics. £851
TitanicRye IPA*9G CASK4.00%Golden hoppy IPA; crammed full of Amarillo and El Dorado hops£791
TitseyLeveson Buck9G CASK3.70%Session IPA with an American accent, complex with big flavours£791
True NorthLAIK9G CASK4.50%Session IPA with Idaho 7 and ElDorado£851
TwickenhamFour Grains*9G CASK4.50%Brewed with 4 malts; spicy, almost herbal aroma and a medium moreish body£851
Weird BeardMariana On Mango*KK 30l Keg7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£1253
White HorseRider IPAS 30l Keg4.30%Fruity, hoppy IPA with Waimea, Citra, Wolf, First Gold, Hercules£802
Wild WeatherBernard Black*KK 30l Keg6.80%Robust Imperial black lager long periods of cold maturations,malty not roasty£991
Wild WeatherIt’s Knuckle Puck TimeKK 20l Keg8.20%DDH Sorachi New England DIPA! Lemon, lime, coconut, mint, lemongrass & dill£992
WoodfordesNog*9G CASK4.60%Deep, ruby-red ale, rich, chocolatey taste, with liquorice and treacle. £852
WoodfordesOld Bram*9G CASK5.20%Strong dark ale in memory of the late Bram Lowe£852
XT BrewingAnimal – Guinea Fowl*9G CASK4.60%Juicy session pale£841
XT BrewingPi9G CASK3.10%Transcendental Mild, with an irrational, never ending depth of roasty flavours£752
XT BrewingAnimal – Asian Elephant9G CASK4.60%A juicy Tropical Blonde Ale£941
XT BrewingAnimal – Scarab DDH Rye9G CASK4.60%Admiral & Columbus hops; oranges, lemon, black pepper & spice£941

Ascot/DiBDouble Down (03/22)1×12 440ml8.00%Dank mango, pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits, sweet coconut & blueberry£292
Fallen AcornValkyrie1×12 440ml6.80%English hopped NEIPA; passion fruit and pithy stone fruit LIMITED£421
Fallen AcornNot With That Oatitude1×12 440ml10.50%Oat cream and triple IPA with a double dry hop of El Dorado, Azacca & Amarillo £491
GoodnessSunset1×12 440ml4.70%Modern Red Ale with Citra and Columbus£282
GoodnessOur Friend Loral1×12 440ml5.20%Sofft, hazy Pale Ale with the aroma of a summer garden, with Loral hops£352
GoodnessYes!1×12 440ml4.50%Session IPA, big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£284
GoodnessCentury1×12 440ml7.40%Big Imperial/Double stout£351
GoodnessWood Green Hopping City (5/22)1×12 440ml4.70%Community grown hops. Traditional golden ale, fruity, biscuit malt base£281
LordsRoy (6/22)1×12 440ml5.80%Cranberry infused pale ale, hazy peach colour with a punchy cranberry kick£341
Mad SquirrelSilver Fern (28/4/22)1×12 440ml6.20%All New Zealand hopped IPA£331
Mad SquirrelCV.3 (21/3/22)1×12 440ml5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£282
Mad SquirrelSupreme (1/3/22)1×12 440ml12.00%Imperial Stout, rich and indulgent, notes of vanilla, coffee and tonka£402
Mad SquirrelAbbey (27/2/22)1×12 440ml7.50%Rich and malty doppelbock£301
Mad SquirrelSumo (6/4/22)1×12 440ml4.70%Summit and Mosaic with flavours of tropical fruit and dank herbs£251
Mad SquirrelSplash (11/2/22)1×12 440ml5.90%Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime£322
Mad SquirrelYosemite1×12 440ml5.90%West Coast Rye IPA; piney, resinous notes and heavy hints of citrus fruits£321
Mad SquirrelGluten Free Hopfest1×12 440ml3.80%A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra£262
Mad SquirrelJuice Blast Citrus IPA1×12 440ml6.20%Cashmere, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria & Amarillo; zesty orange, lemon & lime £381
ParkAmelia1×12 440ml4.20%Heady mix of tropical fruits, blueberry and citrus notes from Mosaic£241
ParkTread Lightly1×12 330ml3.60%Table lager; fresh hops from Epsom garden;delicate flavours of cedar and pine£181
ParkField Haze1×12 440ml3.70%New England pale brewed with El Dorado and Galaxy£251
PhantomThree-0 (11/2)1×12 440ml8.70%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito and a heap of Citra Lupomax and Mosaic Lupomax£302
PhantomI’ll Eat When I’m Dead (10/2)1×12 440ml8.00%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito, Nelson Sauvin & Citra£302
PhantomSleeping Lions (12/21)1×12 440ml6.40%IPA with Simcoe, Idaho 7 & El Dorado£202
PhantomLens (27/1/22)1×12 440ml7.00%West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Citra & Cashmere£202
PhantomAutumn (14/3)1×12 440ml6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£282
PhantomBalloons (14/3)1×12 440ml5.00%Fruity American pale with Simcoe, Amarillo, Sabro£241
StardustSaaz Pilsner1×24 330ml4.50%Czech style; traditional Saaz hop with a subtle blend of East Kent Goldings£351
ThornbridgeLukas (16/6)1×12 330ml4.20%Gluten Free Helles lager with Bavarian ingredients, clean, crisp and satisfying.£182
Tiny RebelBricks Don’t Roll (19/4)1×12 440ml5.30%Citra and Idaho 7 IPA£282
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake (23/4)1×24 330ml4.50%Creamy Citra IPA£383
Tiny RebelPeaches and Cream (22/4)1×24 330ml5.50%Creamy Peach IPA£413
Tiny RebelCali Pale (18/5)1×24 330ml5.00%Juicy pale ale£353
Tiny RebelElectric Boogaloo (26/5)1×24 330ml4.50%Passion fruit lil NEIPA£331
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica (26/5)1×24 330ml5.50%Tropical IPA£351
Tiny RebelCwtch1×24 330ml4.60%Welsh Red Ale£381
Tiny RebelStay Puft1×24 330ml5.20%Marshmallow Porter£401
TitanicPlum Porter G R Port Infused 20231×8 750ml6.50%Port Infused special grand reserve edition of Plum Porter£47.502
Top RopePapa Mango (2/22)1×12 440ml5.10%Juicy, hazy pale ale, dry hopped with Citra, conditioned on 60kg of mango puree.£202
Top RopeCold Stone Steve Austin (2/22)1×12 440ml4.60%Smooth, east drinking ice cream pale; key lime pie edition£203
Top RopeDarkOrder (1/22)1×12 440ml5.50%Dark, hoppy IPA packed with Cascade, Citra and El Dorado £202
Weird BeardAcid Black Coffee (03/22)1×12 440ml5.50%Philly sour black IPA with coffee; collab with CraftRock of Jaoan£203
Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill (01/22)1×12 330ml3.90%Session IPA with lactose and oats£122
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup (28/2)1×18 440ml6.00%Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops£301

Mr WhiteheadsBoxing Dog20l BIB7.50%Medium dry cider£423
Mr WhiteheadsBlackberry20l BIB4.00%Medium dry blackberry flavoured cider£522
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Medium strawberry flavoured cider£524
Mr WhiteheadsHeart of Hampshire20l BIB6.00%Dry cider£403
Mr WhiteheadsEquinox20l BIB4.50%Medium cider£393
Mr WhiteheadsRum Cask10l BIB7.00%Medium strong rum cask cider£303
Mr WhiteheadsEquinox10l BIB4.50%Medium cider£231
Mr WhiteheadsHampshire Perry20l BIB3.80%Medium/Sweet Perry£414
Thirsty FarmerHot Poker20l BIB4.00%Subtly flavoured mulled still farmhouse cider£555
Thirsty FarmerDry20l BIB5.50%Dry Cider£479
Thirsty FarmerMedium20l BIB5.50%Medium Cider£475
Thirsty FarmerVintage20l BIB6.50%Vintage Cider£502
Thirsty FarmerFarmhouse Cloudy20l BIB7.20%Medium Cloudy Cider£463
Thirsty FarmerStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider£602
Thirsty FarmerLemon & Lime20l BIB4.00%Lemon and Lime Flavour Cider£601
Thirsty FarmerBlackcurrant20l BIB4.00%Blackcurrant Flavour Cider£606
Thirsty FarmerOrange and Pineapple20l BIB4.00%Orange and Pineapple Flavour Cider£602
Thirsty FarmerPremium SparklingPolyKeg 30l6.00%Sparkling premium cider£801
Mr WhiteheadsEquinoxS 30l Keg4.50%Medium cider; lightly sparkling NEW£603
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberryS 50l Keg4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider; lightly sparkling NEW£1203

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