BEERS & CIDERS IN STOCK - W/C 24/01/2022 (Beers And Ciders Marked With * or ** May Be Past BB Date) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

360°Just Right9G CASK4.50%Six different malts, and a good dose of flaked oats; a smooth, dark Stout£831
360°Sussex HazeS 30l Keg4.50%Double dry hopped juicy, hazy, NE pale ale, packed with Citra and Mosaic hops£942
360°SessionS 30l Keg4.30%Dangerously sessionable Mosaic pale ale, dry-hopped with Amarillo & Chinook£85
360°Czech Mate!S 30l Keg5.30%Dry hopped Pilsner-Lager brewed with two classic hops; Saaz & Mittelfruh£901
360°FastbackS 30l Keg5.20%West Coast pale with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra£851
BeerblefishSMASHKK 30l Keg5.20%Organic pale with single malt single hop – Citra£1101
BeerblefishLady Mildmay9G CASK3.80%Traditional dark mild with a light body, low bitterness and chocolatey notes.£902
Big HugJuicy9G CASK4.00%Juicy, hop forward session pale ale, large quantities of Mosaic and Chinook£851
Big HugRed Rye9G CASK5.00%6 malts, Rye and Crystal Rye; Vibrant red in colour; US hops Mosaic & Columbus.£943
Box SteamPony Truck *S 30l Keg3.80%Sessionable hoppy new world pale ale; ripe peach flavours£701
Box SteamGhost Train*9G CASK4.80%Rich and complex ruby bitter, roasted malts and Colombus hops.£751
ButcombeOriginal9G CASK4.00%Maris Otter malt+ blend of English hops; bitter, clean and refreshing£801
ButcombeChris Moose9G CASK4.10%A full bodied winter warmer, with the finest English Maris Otter and toasted malts£813
By The HornsLambeth Walk*9G CASK5.10%London porter. Velvety, rich with coffee, cocoa notes and hints of nut£882
By The HornsWest End PilsS 30l Keg4.00%Czech style pilsner, fusion of Saaz and Centennial, crisp lager£821
By The HornsCosmic Warrior*PolyKeg S30l4.80%Pale brewed with smoked malt and Earl Grey Tea£792
Castle RockBlack Gold9G CASK3.80%Award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste£791
Castle RockMidnight Owl Black IPA9G CASK5.50%Classic winter warmer, dark, rich and warming with a distinct hop character£951
Crafty BrewingCrafty One9G CASK3.90%Pale-straw coloured beer with international flavours of Chinook & Sorachi Ace£792
Crafty BrewingHop Tipple9G CASK4.20%American IPA; Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade and Chinook£812
Crafty BrewingLoxhill Biscuit9G CASK3.60%Graceful golden beer brewed with Amarillo, First Gold and Challenger£782
Crafty BrewingSchwarz MönchS 50l Keg5.00%Dark Swiss Beer, crisp and refreshing, but dark & roasty at the same time.£1551
Crafty BrewingLaughing Wolf*S 50l Keg4.40%APA Dry-hopped and packed with Columbus and Citra hops£1151
Crafty BrewingWave Catcher/Hop TippleS 50l Keg4.20%American IPA; Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade and Chinook£1203
DiB/AscotPeople Of The Hop*KK 30l Keg6.50%Tropical, pineapple, red berry & passionfruit Mosaic, Azacca & Callista£1121
DiB/AscotHowToDressForApocalypse **S 30l EcoKeg5.50%Black IPA, chocolate caramel, coffee overtones, tropical orange & blueberry£801
DorkingSmokestack Lighnin’*9G CASK4.00%German style smoked beer, using malt smoked over beechwood£792
DorkingDefaulter’s Lager*S 50l Keg4.00%Amber lager in partnership with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity£1241
DorkingPilcrow Pale *S 30l Keg4.00%Flagship pale ale, Citra and Chinook hops from Yakima valley£742
DorkingFive Claw *S 30l Keg5.10%Full on West Coast IPA with SIX hops, tropical fruit aromas£861
ElusiveMICROBALL9G CASK3.70%Classically-styled Dark Mild using modern specialist malts & Bramling Cross hops£763
Fallen AcornCoffee At Midnight9G CASK4.50%Coffee Porter Rich, smooth, roasty, full of fruity and nutty coffee flavours£952
Fallen AcornSith Faced4.5G PIN5.80%Oatmeal stout, coffee, chocolate raosty notes launched May Fourth..£601
Fallen AcornCrystal HazeKK 30l Keg7.20%NEIPA Cascade, Comet, and Mosaic Juicy notes of mango, citrus.£1402
Fallen AcornWave Of LightKK 30l Keg6.70%West Coast IPA, dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic and Comet.£1351
GoodnessA Love SupremeS 20l Keg6.10%DDH hazy IPA, super pale,low bitterness, Amarillo, Citrus,Columbus,El Dorado£571
GoodnessOur Friend LoralS 30l Keg5.20%Hazy Pale ale Citra and Citra cryo hops,with added Mosaic and El Dorado£991
GoodnessAll Summer LongS 50l Keg3.50%Summer blonde; big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£1152
GoodnessSunshineS 50l Keg4.70%Beautifully crisp Kolsch style, low bitterness, subtle stone fruit finish£1152
GorgeousGunpowder9G CASK4.80%Strong malt base, Distinctive marmalade character, Lingering hoppy finish.£962
GorgeousGrazerS 30l Keg4.60%Crisp and Clean, Gentle bitterness, Malty finish, Naturally hazy£881
HedgedogCold FusionPolyKeg S30l5.00%Kolsch style, dry and refreshing with a lingering light bitterness£803
HedgedogRed Eye9G CASK5.00%Rich Red colour with caramel, toffee and summer berry aromas.£883
Iron PierWealdway* (end Nov)9G CASK4.50%Hopped with Simcoe and Citra, full on tropical fruit trip!£851
Jefferson’sOn The UpKK 30l Keg5.00%NZ Pale with HRL Blend£901
Jefferson’sWishful ThinkingKK 30l Keg4.50%Hazy pale hopped with Idaho 7 and Chinook£921
LoddonFerryman’s Gold**S 30l EcoKeg4.40%Golden, smooth ale packed with zesty, aromatic Styrian Golding hops.£702
LoddonTenth Time Lucky *9G CASK4.00%Blend of German, Polish and Czech hops, easy drinking lager style ale.£773
LoddonDisparity BIPA9G CASK4.80%Pitch black ale, highly hopped with Calypso & Centennial£823
LoddonDisparity White Stout9G CASK4.80%Roasty dry from cacao nibs, malt and lactose, herby hop notes£822
LoddonShmoke Shtack – smoked porter*9G CASK4.80%Smoked over beech wood; spicy hops, rich malts, dark and smokey ale£772
Mad SquirrelMr Squirrel9G CASK4.00%Premium bitter with notes of vanilla, nuts and toffee£842
Mad SquirrelIlluminate9G CASK4.50%A timeless red ale, smooth and fruity, hearty and sustaining.£904
Mad SquirrelAlphonsoKK 30l Keg5.80%A tropical twist on a classic NEIPA base with sweet mango£1322
Mad SquirrelDe La P NutKK 30l Keg4.50%Peanut milk stout, smooth and creamy from added lactose sugar.£991
Mad SquirrelNative V Schwarzbier *S 30l Keg4.80%Black lager, light in body roasty in flavour£701
Mad SquirrelHopfenweisse **S 30l Keg5.40%Classic wheat base with generous dry hopping PRICE DROP£801
Mad SquirrelMidnight**S 30l Keg5.80%Black IPA; dark malts, notes of citrus and pine£862
Mad SquirrelMidnight**KK 30l Keg5.80%Black IPA; dark malts, notes of citrus and pine£861
Mad SquirrelAbbey*KK 20l Keg7.50%Rich and malty doppelbock£952
Mad SquirrelSapwood**S 30l Keg8.50%West Coast DIPA; citrus pith, grapefruit, resinous,piney, touch of caramel£1702
Mad SquirrelCV.3*PolyKeg K30l5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£1221
MondoKomet*S 30l Keg3.50%BerlinerWeisse,Hallertau/Mittelfrueh/wheat, chit&lager malt£1043
New BristolBristol Lager*S 50l Keg4.60%Clean, pale lager with a citrus finish; crisp yet soft maltiness£1451
No Frills JoeJoe Solo9G CASK4.90%Simcoe pale, notes of citrus, grapefruit and tangerine£971
No Frills JoeDreamlandKK 30l Keg4.50%Hoppy west coast session IPA, bursting with citrusy and piney aromas£1021
No Frills JoeReverend JoeKK 30l Keg5.00%Belgian red ale£971
No Frills JoeCandy SoupKK 30l Keg4.50%Five, yes 5, hop pale. Fun and hoppy!£972
OakhamFrozen Fresh Hop Citra*9G CASK4.80%Brewed with freshly harvested green hops flown to UK£971
OakhamSikander*9G CASK5.20%Copper coloured, toffee and rich caramel notes, USA & Nelson Sauvin hops£1002
OakhamObsidian Order*(7 Dec)9G CASK6.20%Rich coffee caramel black IPA with US citra and chinook£1183
ParkJackdaw PorterS 30l Keg4.40%Moreish and dry with chocolate and coffee undertones. Magnum, Cascade, Bravo£922
ParkSmall Riot 2S 30l Keg4.90%Citra dry hop, blend with vanilla and a subtle almond background*lactose & nuts£961
PhantomMidnight Space Cowboy’s In Space*KK 30l Keg7.00%Roasty, coffee, oatmeal stout amped up to 7.0%£894
PhantomAutumnKK 30l Keg6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£1102
PortobelloWestway Pale9G CASK3.80%Golden pale, combination of classic British hops and US Cascade£791
PortobelloHedgerow Pale Ale9G CASK4.50%Refreshing fruity session pale; fruit foraged from hedgerows£851
PortobelloPortobello Bitter9G CASK3.80%English bitter£793
PortobelloWembeerley**9G CASK4.50%IPA brewed with an infusion of Wembley’s hallowed turf and 5 New World hops£751
PortobelloAll Saints Ale*9G CASK4.20%Amber beer named after the famous All Saints Rd.£831
RoostersGo Backer*PolyKeg S30l3.60%A scaled down, Vermont IPA; soft, juicy & brimming with citrus fruit. GLUTEN FREE£922
Round CornerFrisbyS 30l Keg4.20%A blend of German and English malt, light herbal and spicy aroma£903
Round CornerHopping SpreeS 30l Keg6.60%West Coast IPA; golden marmalade, hop-lead aromas of stonefruit, citrus, pine£1102
SirenPicture Puzzle9G CASK5.80%Red IPA, with Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial hops delivering tropical fruits£1182
SirenCaffe LungoKK 30l Keg7.40%Dark lager inspired by long pour espresso, perfectly balanced and moreish.£1141
SirenTogether And Apart*S 30l Keg6.20%Cascadian Dark Ale, rich dark malts, toasty coconut, tropical hops£1251
SirenNeo Normal*S 30l Keg7.30%A special collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, brewed with TALUS™£1491
StardustJust StoutPolyKeg K30l4.20%Dry Irish stout£801
Stewart80/-S 30l Keg4.40% Full bodied, full flavoured auburn coloured classic heavy£821
StewartEdinburgh GoldS 30l Keg4.80%Easy drinking, continental hopped Golden Ale£821
StewartSession IPAS 30l Keg3.70%Easy drinking session IPA with Mosaic and Cutra£802
TapestryHubble Bubble**S 30l Keg4.10%Galaxy pale ale£701
TapestryTreasure **S 30l EcoKeg6.10%Smoked honey porter, peated malt and honey from Zambia.£801
ThornbridgeWild Raven*KK 30l Keg6.60%BIPA/Cascadian Dark; Nelson Sauvin, Centennial and Sorachi hops.£991
ThornbridgeTzaraKK 30l Keg4.80%Köln style beer, crisp and refreshing with a hint of citrus,£922
ThornbridgeCocoa WonderlandKK 30l Keg6.80%Balanced roasty body bringing flavours of coffee & raisins & huge chocolate notes£1151
ThornbridgeLukasKK 30l Keg4.20%Gluten Free Helles lager with Bavarian ingredients, clean, crisp and satisfying.£871
ThornbridgeSuperuserKK 30l Keg7.00%Red IPA collab with Elusive; Chinook/Simcoe/Galaxy hops£1172
ThornbridgeDotterelS 30l Keg5.00%Collab with Squawk, light & juicy, packed with a range of hops from Aus and NZ£971
ThornbridgeJaipur9G CASK5.90%Packed with US hops, iconic flagship IPA£1031
ThornbridgeMade North9G CASK3.80%Manchester-style bitter which pours a bright golden colour.£851
ThornbridgeAstryd9G CASK3.80%Juicy hazy pale with Mosaic hops,huge berry and stone fruit character£892
ThornbridgeOtter’s Tears9G CASK6.00%Heavily hopped and hugely tasty pale ale£1151
ThornbridgeKnäck9G CASK4.00%Dark mild with Maris Otter, Crystal, wheat and chocolate malt and Goldings£961
ThornbridgeLate Star9G CASK6.00%Classic British ESB, with a deep orange colour.£1032
ThornbridgeHacksaw9G CASK5.00%Fruity, hazy IPA with Munich + wheat malt. Citra, Galaxy, Amarillo & Mosaic£1032
ThornbridgeNuma9G CASK5.90%Spiced creamy winter ale£1031
TitanicBlack Ice*9G CASK4.10%Powerfully hopped black ale with citrus notes£772
TitanicPlum PorterS 30l Keg4.90%Well-rounded porter, fruity, sweet notes, hoppy flavour, deep red£891
TitseyLeveson Buck9G CASK3.70%Session IPA with an American accent, complex with big flavours£793
TitseyGower Wolf9G CASK4.00%Classic best bitter with hints of chocolate and honey on the aroma£832
TitseyLiberty Bell9G CASK4.80%Rich, warming ruby ale£891
Top RopeTripel HPolyKeg S20l9.50%Belgian Tripel£1351
TwickenhamHoney Dark*(9 Dec)9G CASK4.80%Strong dark beer has chocolate, coffee, caramel and (of course) honey£822
Weird BeardMariana Trench9G CASK5.30%Pale Ale with NZ Paciific Gem and American Citra£1053
Weird BeardMariana On Mango*KK 30l Keg7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£1253
Weird BeardThe Half Life of Facts*KK 30l Keg7.10%California IPA with classic West Coast hops: Cascade, Columbus and Simcoe£1252
White HorseRider IPA*S 30l Keg4.30%Fruity, hoppy IPA with Waimea, Citra, Wolf, First Gold, Hercules£701
White HorseBitter9G CASK3.70%Deep gold bitter, floral, hints of citrus, malt, First Gold and Bobek hops£781
White HorseSIPA – Session IPA9G CASK3.60%Gold, tropical, fruity beer brewed with Azzaca, Summit & Eldorado; malt and wheat£792
White HorseVillage Idiot9G CASK4.10%Pale gold, light citrus, hoppy; Cascade, Chinook, Fuggles, First Gold & Green Bullet£813
Wild WeatherDread Pirate Roberts9G CASK5.00%Jester and mosaic Vienna pale£1031
Wild WeatherShepherd’s Warning*9G CASK5.60%IPA hopped all the way with Citra, aroma and flavour of orange and mango£1003
Wild WeatherIt’s Knuckle Puck TimeKK 20l Keg8.20%DDH Sorachi New England DIPA! Lemon, lime, coconut, mint, lemongrass & dill notes£993
Wild WeatherBernard BlackKK 30l Keg6.80%Robust Imperial black lager long periods of cold maturations,malty not roasty£1041
Wild WeatherMaxKK 30l Keg7.10%Amber coloured Citra and Amarillo West Coast IPA,Orange &Grapefruit aroma£1202
Wild WeatherBlue To A GooseKK 30l Keg5.90%Milkshake IPA with blueberry pureé, a hit of Madagascan vanilla, lactose£1221
WoodfordesOld Bram*9G CASK5.20%Strong dark ale in memory of the late Bram Lowe£974

Ascot/DiBDouble Down (03/22)1×12 440ml0.08Dank mango, pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits, sweet coconut & blueberry392
GoodnessSunset (9/22)1×12 440ml0.047Modern Red Ale with Citra and Columbus282
GoodnessSunshine (11/22)1×12 440ml0.047Beautifully crisp Kolsch style, low bitterness, subtle stone fruit finish252
GoodnessWood Green Hopping City (5/22)1×12 440ml0.047Community grown hops. Traditional golden ale, fruity, biscuit malt base282
LordsRoy (6/22)1×12 440ml0.058Cranberry infused pale ale, hazy peach colour with a punchy cranberry kick341
Mad SquirrelSilver Fern (28/4/22)1×12 440ml0.062All New Zealand hopped IPA382
Mad SquirrelCV.3 (21/3/22)1×12 440ml0.057DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado332
Mad SquirrelSupreme (1/3/22)1×12 440ml0.12Imperial Stout, rich and indulgent, notes of vanilla, coffee and tonka502
Mad SquirrelAbbey (27/2/22)1×12 440ml0.075Rich and malty doppelbock361
Mad SquirrelFragolina (6/22)1×12 440ml0.055Strawberry sour fermented with Kviek yeast; funky, fruit-forward321
Mad SquirrelSumo (6/4/22)1×12 440ml0.047Summit and Mosaic with flavours of tropical fruit and dank herbs281
Mad SquirrelSplash (11/2/22)1×12 440ml0.059Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime372
No Frills JoeNot Another Lager (11/22)1×12 330ml0.048Helles – malty, grainy-sweet, spicy, herbal aromas201
No Frills JoeDreamland (11/22)1×12 330ml0.045Hoppy west coast session IPA, bursting with citrusy and piney aromas201
No Frills JoeJam Sandwich (11/22)1×12 330ml0.075 Thick and juicy, underlined with some serious bitterness262
PhantomThree-0 (11/2)1×12 440ml0.087DIPA with Mosaic Incognito and a heap of Citra Lupomax and Mosaic Lupomax402
PhantomI’ll Eat When I’m Dead (10/2)1×12 440ml0.08DIPA with Mosaic Incognito, Nelson Sauvin & Citra372
PhantomSleeping Lions (12/21)1×12 440ml0.064IPA with Simcoe, Idaho 7 & El Dorado322
PhantomLens (27/1/22)1×12 440ml0.07West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Citra & Cashmere312
PhantomAutumn (14/3)1×12 440ml0.061IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew322
PhantomBalloons (14/3)1×12 440ml0.05Fruity American pale with Simcoe, Amarillo, Sabro291
SirenSoundwave (30/9)1×12 330ml0.056Tropical heaven, big hitting US hops191
ThornbridgeLukas (16/6)1×12 330ml0.042Gluten Free Helles lager with Bavarian ingredients, clean, crisp and satisfying.182
Tiny RebelRhubarb and Custard (19/4)1×24 330ml0.04Rhubarb and Custard Sour401
Tiny RebelBricks Don’t Roll (19/4)1×12 440ml0.053Citra and Idaho 7 IPA302
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake (23/4)1×24 330ml0.045Creamy Citra IPA403
Tiny RebelPeaches and Cream (22/4)1×24 330ml0.055Creamy Peach IPA433
Tiny RebelCali Pale (18/5)1×24 330ml0.05Juicy pale ale403
Tiny RebelStay Puft (16/2)1×24 330ml0.052Marshmallow Porter401
Tiny RebelElectric Boogaloo (26/5)1×24 330ml0.045Passion fruit lil NEIPA382
Tiny RebelPineapple Express (29/4)1×12 440ml0.062Pineapple IPA collaboration with Polly’s Brew Co.301
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica (26/5)1×24 330ml0.055Tropical IPA401
TitanicPlum Porter G R Port Infused 20231×8 750ml0.065Port Infused special grand reserve edition of Plum Porter47.53
Top RopePapa Mango (2/22)1×12 440ml0.051Juicy, hazy pale ale, dry hopped with Citra, conditioned on 60kg of mango puree.272
Top RopeCold Stone Steve Austin (2/22)1×12 440ml0.046Smooth, east drinking ice cream pale; key lime pie edition263
Top RopeDarkOrder (1/22)1×12 440ml0.055Dark, hoppy IPA packed with Cascade, Citra and El Dorado272
Weird BeardAcid Black Coffee (03/22)1×12 440ml0.055Philly sour black IPA with coffee; collab with CraftRock of Jaoan303
Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill (01/22)1×12 330ml0.039Session IPA with lactose and oats122
Wild WeatherSam (30/6)1×18 440ml0.071A hazy and super full bodied NEIPA. Heavily dry hopped with Simcoe471
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup (28/2)1×18 440ml0.06Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops401

Mr WhiteheadsBoxing Dog20l BIB7.50%Medium dry cider£421
Mr WhiteheadsBlackberry20l BIB4.00%Medium dry blackberry flavoured cider£522
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Medium strawberry flavoured cider£523
Mr WhiteheadsHampshire Perry20l BIB3.80%Medium/Sweet Perry£414
Mr WhiteheadsBoxing Dog10l BIB7.50%Medium dry cider£252
Mr WhiteheadsRum Cask10l BIB7.00%Medium strong rum cask cider£304
Mr WhiteheadsApples and Pears10l BIB5.00%Medium fruit flavoured cider£243
Mr WhiteheadsEquinox10l BIB4.50%Medium cider£393
Thirsty FarmerHot Poker20l BIB4.00%Subtly flavoured mulled still farmhouse cider£555
Thirsty FarmerDry20l BIB5.50%Dry Cider£423
Thirsty FarmerVintage20l BIB6.50%Vintage Cider£459
Thirsty FarmerFarmhouse Cloudy20l BIB7.20%Medium Cloudy Cider£467
Thirsty FarmerStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider£541
Thirsty FarmerOrange and Pineapple20l BIB4.00%Orange and Pineapple Flavour Cider£541
Thirsty FarmerPremium SparklingPolyKeg 30l6.00%Sparkling premium cider NEW£851

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