BEERS & CIDERS IN STOCK - W/C 29/05/2023

360°Tacoma9G CASK3.90%Easy drinking APA. Brewed with caramelised and crystal malts; triple Cascade£952
360°All I Want is SummerS 30l Keg5.00%Hazy IPA; only British hops; Harlequin, Jester and Olicana£1011
AnarchyCitra Star9G CASK4.10%Grapefruit, lemon and lime, light bodied and massively hopped with Citra£935
AnarchyWor Beer9G CASK4.30%Super easy drinking light pale ale£961
AnarchyCult Leader9G CASK5.50%Single hop pale ale with hints of blueberry, tangerine, papaya, grass, and bubblegum£1102
AnarchyFlat Out9G CASK4.50%East Coast Ale yeast, this hazy IPA boasts notes of bitter orange, a touch of lime£984
AnarchyX-Ray EyesS 30l Keg5.10%Tropical, hazy, easy drinking; Citra and sabro; coconut, grapefruit & pineapple£1132
AnarchyReality TripS 30l Keg5.00%Light, hazy New Zealand IPA£1131
AnarchyRust BusterKK 30l Keg4.30%Sweet malt with fruity roast notes. Nutty dryness£1021
Anspach and HodbayThe IPAS 30l Keg6.00%Summit, Ekuanot & Enigma; dank, resinous and fruit forward£1202
BeerblefishGingerbeerble9G CASK5.30%Brewed with ginger and a blend of spices, including cloves & black peppercorns£991
Bond BrewsWheat-A-Bier *9G CASK4.40%Brewed using 2 types of malted barley and wheat with Magnum hops£901
Castle RockHarvest Pale9G CASK3.80%Pale with gently-kilned malt, and an aromatic blend of American hops£862
Castle RockBlack Gold CAMRA MILD MONTH9G CASK3.80%Award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste£863
Castle RockEasy As Pie9G CASK5.90%Citra & Nelson Sauvin; array of white wine, citrus & colourful tropical fruit £1101
Castle RockSession IPAS 30l Keg4.00%Modern-style juicy, hoppy pale; aromas of grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit£901
Chiltern BrewingChiltern Black9G CASK3.90%Dark, ruby treacle tones, hints of roast barley; beautifully hopped, chocolaty aroma£861
Church EndFallen Angel9G CASK5.00%A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter, bucket fulls of American hops£991
Creative JuicesThe Slinky VagabondKK 30l Keg5.50%West Coast IPA style; bursting at the seams with tropical fruity citrus zing£1142
Creative JuicesThe Light FandangoKK 30l Keg4.80%Easy-drinking pale; slight haze, fresh tropical, smooth juicy taste£1153
DorkingPilcrow Pale9G CASK4.00%Flagship pale ale, Citra and Chinook hops from Yakima valley £932
DorkingFive Claw9G CASK5.10%Full on West Coast IPA with SIX hops, tropical fruit aromas£1022
ElusiveAyrenn9G CASK4.50%Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra & Idaho 7; notes of bright citrus, mango, pineapple and pine resin£1001
Fallen AcornSwindon Roundabout MuseumS 30l Polykeg5.00%Mosaic and Cashmere dry hop, at an ABV you can smash all summer long£1251
GoodnessRhubaliciousS 30l Keg4.00%Sessionable sour made with delicately favoured early season rhubarb juice£1141
GoodnessA Love SupremeS 30l Keg6.10%DDH hazy IPA, super pale,low bitterness, Amarillo, Citrus,Columbus,El Dorado£1272
GoodnessYes!S 30l Keg4.50%Session IPA, big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£1023
GoodnessSunsetS 30l Keg4.70%Modern Red Ale with Citra and Columbus£1031
GoodnessSunshineS 50l Keg4.70%Beautifully crisp Kolsch style, low bitterness, subtle stone fruit finish£961
GoodnessGood LagerS 30l Keg4.20%Clean, crisp, sessionable czech style lager/pilsner£843
Green DuckBostin’ Mild9G CASK3.20%Deep malty flavour, notes of caramel and subtle chocolate, aromas of vanilla & hazelnut£822
Green DuckChoc A Bloc9G CASK5.20%All the chocolate (Triple) you could get into a beer, sweet & rich with a thick creamy head£953
Green DuckRemedyS 30l Keg4.00%A balanced session IPA, with an aroma of tropical fruit, tangerine, passionfruit & papaya £1021
Green DuckKarma ClimbS 30l Keg5.20%Aromas of lemon, lime and peach for the perfect hazy pale ale; Ahtanum & Cashmere£1101
Green DuckFoam PartyS 30l Keg4.50%Clean and crisp, showcasing beautifully the Idaho 76 and Mosaic Hop; Kveik yeast£1081
Green DuckPacifico PilsS 30l Keg4.40%Pacifico brings a spicy floral with aromas of orange zest; Heritage Hana malt, bready£901
HedgedogLighthouse Pale9G CASK5.30%Classic Pale Ale, late hopped with big grapefruit aromas.£895
INNFormalINNSession9G CASK3.50%Hoppy and flavoursome session golden pale with Citra£892
INNFormalINN Darkness9G CASK6.00%Black pepper porter; Bitter and dry with a spicy, peppery finish£1022
Iron PierWoodland IPA9G CASK4.80%UK & US hops; aroma of berry and apricot, delicious fruity and piney flavours£1051
Iron PierBest Bitter9G CASK4.80%Perfectly balanced deep bronze,fragrant fruity hop aroma and malted biscuit notes£1021
Iron PierCast Iron StoutS 30l Keg4.70%Dark chocolate and coffee, highly drinkable smooth stout £971
KentYule Log9G CASK4.50%Dark chocolate and coffee, highly drinkable smooth stout £942
KentSession PaleS PolyKeg 30l3.70%Light and hoppy session pale; hints if citrus and elderflower£801
KentProhibitionS PolyKeg 30l4.80%Citrusy pale ale; highly hopped with latest US varieties£951
KentMadagascarS PolyKeg 30l4.80%Sweet vanilla stout full of the distinctive flavour of Madagascan vanilla£951
LoddonSix Pack*9G CASK4.20%Six Nations Rugby beer; Bobek and Centennial for floral aroma; biscutiy malt base£903
LoddonWolf Quad*9G CASK4.40%Flavours of mango and passionfruit with a hint of elderflower and lemongrass£911
LoddonCitra Quad * (20/5)S 30l Keg4.40%Smooth session IPA with Citra hopped over four stages£941
LordsSleeper WeissbierS 30l Keg5.00%Strong flavoured British/German hybrid; wheat beer£991
Mad SquirrelSunset*9G CASK3.60%Hazy orange colour; moderate bitterness Sabro and Strata pale£1022
Mad SquirrelPurple Reign9G CASK3.60%Heritage English malt and British hops; grapefruit, mango & blackcurrant notes£951
Mad SquirrelTartan Scotch Ale *9G CASK4.90%Caramel overtones, with a rich, toasty malt character. A traditional scotch ale£941
Mad SquirrelPeach Of My HeartS 30l Keg4.00%A sweet peach sour with creamy vanilla notes and a tart raspberry twist.£1101
Mad SquirrelJackpotPolyKeg K30l5.70%Cherry smoothie milkshake; tart cherry, vanilla and lactose; sweet, smooth£1372
Mad SquirrelJackpotS 30l Keg5.70%Cherry smoothie milkshake; tart cherry, vanilla and lactose; sweet, smooth£1321
Mad SquirrelDances on The SandS 30l Keg5.00%Tropical Sour,orange, guava, mango, apricot & passion fruit£1291
Mad SquirrelDances on The SandKK 30l Keg5.00%Tropical Sour,orange, guava, mango, apricot & passion fruit£1291
Monty’sSunshine9G CASK4.20%Gloriously hoppy, floral, golden ale with a refreshing tang and dry finish£891
Monty’sMischief9G CASK5.00%Balance of malts and hops; easy drinking with a slight sweetness in the finish£941
Monty’sMild CAMRA MILD MONTH9G CASK3.50%Gently hopped and malty mild ale£842
Monty’sImperial StoutKK 20l Keg9.00%Mellow, soft, chocolatey imperial/double stout£1101
New BristolBristolian Rhapsody ESB9G CASK5.80%Deep chestnut ale; caramal malt sweetness, notes of spice and orange£1121
New BristolBristol Dark LagerS 30l Keg4.80%Deliciously dark smooth brew with hallertau hops, nutty cocoa flavour, crisp£911
No Frills JoeGreen Hop AF collab Good KarmaKK 30l Keg0.50%Alcohol free green hop pale ale brewed with Ernest from Hukins Hops£901
NuttycombeSovereign (28/03)9G CASK4.30%Golden bitter beer; Sovereign hop producing light, sweet, floral tones£832
NuttycombeSnow Leopard9G CASK4.90%White mild; exceptionally smooth, very light in colour, full bodied, creamy head£984
NuttycombeCotleigh Tawny9G CASK3.80%Distinctive well balanced best bitter with a subtle hop palate£824
NuttycombeCotleigh Nutcracker CAMRA MILD MONTH9G CASK3.40%IT’S BACK Dark amber Mild with a light and fruity taste.£794
OakhamBlack Magic9G CASK5.00%Chocolate (100% pure cacao) porter with Cascade; rich, dark and decadent£1161
OakhamKaleidoscope9G CASK5.00%Deep red Cask Aged beer; mellow in flavour with rich robust hop finish£1152
OakhamCryptic9G CASK5.00%Bewilderingly full flavoured from Aussie sourced Vic. Secret and Enigma hop£1132
OakhamLord Maximus9G CASK5.50%Herbal & floral notes, lemon citrus fruit,light honey sweetness; bitter finish £1222
OakhamBuckle Up! *9G CASK5.20%Black IPA; citrus aroma, predominant roast caramel and coffee malt flavours£1191
OakhamWoodston IPA9G CASK5.20%6 UK hops giving peach, grapefruit & orange notes; beautifully balanced bitterness£1181
OakhamHawse Buckler Black IPA9G CASK5.60%Spicy, rich and unique; chocolate & coffee malt brilliantly balanced by fruity hop flavours£1251
OakhamHangar 179G CASK4.10%Rich and malty amber beer featuring Simcoe, Mandarina Bavaria & Waimea; tangy citrus£1142
Only with LoveDance Every DayS 30l Keg3.80%Juicy citrus smiles; Hops: Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe£881
Only with LoveJuicy AFS 30l Keg0.50%Acohol free hazy, juiced-up banger; big Citra dry-hops and mango£831
Only with LoveZippy AFS 30l Keg0.50%AF, kettle soured pale; loads of luscious strawberry & zesty citrus lime twang£971
OxfordProspect9G CASK3.70%Dry hoppiness and hint of toffee with undertones of orange/citrus£792
OxfordTrinity9G CASK4.20%Hoppy Oxford Pale Ale made with Williamette and Chinook hops. Triple hopped£871
OxfordHoptric – American PaleS 50l Keg4.40%Crisp, refreshing, long lasting citrus finish with a hint of exotic fruits£1281
OxfordBearded Men – Helles Pilsner (10/4)S 50l Keg4.30%Slight dryness, herbal, grassy notes with subtle citrus£1202
PortobelloLondon Pale Ale (18/4)S 30l Keg3.80%Dry hopped golden pale with Uk and US hops; aromas of grape and citrus£781
PortobelloHome Turf (30/3)9G CASK4.00%Light, some malt and hops, tasty pale – Rugby themed beer£861
PortobelloStar (30/3)9G CASK4.30%A classic British bitter ale brewed with a golden generation of English hops£853
PortobelloSpring Ale (30/3)9G CASK4.00%A juicy, dry-hopped and super drinkable pale ale£861
PortobelloStiff Lip IPA (30/3)9G CASK5.00%Dry hopped IPA, light with a hint of citrus£892
RoostersLittle Changes9G CASK4.30%Notes of tangerine, blackcurrant, white grape + hint of spice; UK Mystic&Godiva£931
RoostersYankee9G CASK4.30%One of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK£932
SirenLumina9G CASK4.20%Session IPA with hoppy aromas of mango and pineapple£1031
SirenBe Right Back9G CASK3.70%Aussie dry-hopped pale ale with vibrant citrus flavours£921
StardustEnglish Bitter9G CASK4.00%Notes of roasted caramel, which mingle with classic hop aromas. £821
StardustRed Rocket9G CASK4.40%NEW Red session ale with British roasted malts and hops£881
Three AcreIndia Pale Ale9G CASK5.00%Packed with new-world hops, bringing forward tropical mango and citrus notes£981
ThornbridgePadley9G CASK3.40%Deep copper, light caramel aroma, rounded mouthfeel, orange & floral notes £931
ThornbridgeCortado* YEAR OF BEER JAN9G CASK4.90%Refreshing pale, addition of Arabica coffee; caramel, citrus & vanilla JAN YOB£971
ThornbridgeApricity * (07/04) YEAR OF BEER FEB9G CASK5.60%ESB:easy drinking with perfectly balanced bitter coffee, nutty flavours FEB YOB£1022
ThornbridgeCharlie Brown YEAR OF BEER MARCH9G CASK6.20%Huge hit of Peanut Butter flavour, notes of caramel, toffee, hint of bitterness £1225
ThornbridgeFreeman Street YEAR OF BEER MAY9G CASK6.00%US hopped IPA; citrus fruit, pine and a tantalising floral character; dry finish£1202
ThornbridgeChiron9G CASK5.00%Spicy aroma. citric notes from the hops, balanced by biscuity malt & tart citrus£1021
ThornbridgeJaipur * (15/3/23)9G CASK5.90%Packed with US hops, iconic flagship IPA£1101
ThornbridgeGalaxia9G CASK4.50%Single hopped Australian pale ale showcasing Galaxy hop£1021
ThornbridgeHayward – Kiwi and Lime SourS 30l Keg4.20%Light, refreshing and full of zesty citrus, balanced with just a little tartness£1082
ThornbridgeNine To SevenS 30l Keg5.50%BBNo. Collab: delightfully floral; packed with flavours of lemon and grapefruit£1202
Tiny RebelOH! Apricot – Milkshake IPA9G CASK4.60%Refreshing and creamy; tartness of fresh apricots with a satisfying hoppy bite£1123
Tiny RebelJuice ShackS 30l Keg3.40%Tropical session IPA; flavours of pineapple and coconut£863
Tiny RebelLong WaveS 30l Keg3.40%Session IPA; some bitterness, grapefruit flavours£862
TitanicCaptain Smith’s * (2/5)9G CASK5.20%Softly hopped, strong ruby ale; malty flavours & aromas, gentle sweetness£1161
TitanicClassic Mild9G CASK3.50%Dark with caramel notes, delicately hopped, sinkable mild. £822
TitanicSteerage9G CASK3.80%Gold, refreshing, well-rounded session pale £852
TitanicPlum Porter9G CASK4.90%Well-rounded porter, fruity, sweet notes, hoppy flavour, deep red £931
TitseyLord Mayor* (30/4)9G CASK4.30%Rich, tawny and smooth London Porter£862
Top RopeCanadian DestroyerS 30l Keg5.80%Chocolate, Crystal and Munich malts; rich, roasty flavours; maple and pecan£1101
TwickenhamGothick Dark9G CASK4.60%A strong, dark mild; full-bodied and malty but with a dryish, chocolatey edge.£902
TwickenhamDaisy Cutter9G CASK6.10%Powerful golden coloured beer with a fruity, citrus nose and flavour. £991
Twisted BarrelNo Pretending CAMRA MILD MONTH9G CASK3.70%Chocolate, malt and a hint of roasty bitterness£842
Twisted BarrelThis Mess9G CASK4.00%Naturally hazy pale golden beer with a fruity hoppiness and a dry bitter finish£932
Twisted BarrelDrowning9G CASK4.50%Amarillo, Azacca and Chinook combine for a grapefruit and tangerine flavour£951
Twisted BarrelAvalanche9G CASK4.30%Soft, juicy pale ale brewed with plenty of wheat malt and Citra leaf hops£951
Twisted BarrelGod’s Twisted SisterPolyKeg K30l4.50%Classic stout with a deep full bodied malty flavour and long, smooth finish£861
Twisted BarrelGose TownPolyKeg K30l4.50%Tart,salty kettle sour, huge quantities of raspberry, cranberry & blackberry puree£1142
White HorseWayland Smithy *9G CASK4.40%Dark copper premium ale, toasty aroma and caramel flavours£811
Wild WeatherSilchester Best Btiter9G CASK4.20%Smooth and easy drinking best bitter brewed with Golden Promise malt.£942
Windsor and EtonConqueror (14/4)9G CASK5.00%Intense, smoky, piney; black cascadian IPA; Summit and Cascade hops£1001
Windsor and EtonDiablo RojoS 30l Keg8.40%Striking pink strong subtle ale; refined hop aroma; classic Belgian fruit & spice£1451
XT BrewingXT4 (4/5)9G CASK3.80%Modern session amber ale, English and Belgian malts + US & English hops£851
XT BrewingXT39G CASK4.20%American style IPA – packed with Chinook, Columbus and Cascade£922
XT BrewingAnimal – Octopus4.5G PIN4.60%Amber and Munich malt as a base with Pacific Gem, Waimea and Rakau £541
XT Brewing/BrewdogSelf ReflectionS 30l Keg6.50%BrewDog Milton Keynes; gooseberry Front and Centre, Rye Bread, Sharp£1081
XT BrewingAnimal – Octopus4.5G PIN4.60%Amber and Munich malt as a base with Pacific Gem, Waimea and Rakau £541
XT Brewing/BrewdogSelf ReflectionS 30l Keg6.50%BrewDog Milton Keynes; gooseberry Front and Centre, Rye Bread, Sharp£1081

360°Fastback12x440ml5.20%West Coast pale with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra£291
360°All I Want is Summer12x440ml5.00%Hazy IPA; only British hops; Harlequin, Jester and Olicana£312
360°Session IPA12x440ml4.30%Dangerously sessionable Mosaic pale ale, dry-hopped with Amarillo & Chinook £261
BrithopShakermaker24x440ml4.80%Oatmeal extra pale; Amarillo, Galaxy, Centennial & Citra; tropical fruit aromas£902
BrithopDemons24x440ml5.00%West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Chinook, Columbus and Centennial£901.5
Brithop/BuxtonGirl From Mars12x440ml4.80%Session NEIPA, dry hopped with CF185 & Ernest hops £504
No Frills JoeDreamland12x440ml4.50%Hoppy west coast session IPA, bursting with citrusy and piney aromas£231
No Frills JoeJoker Joe12x440ml5.00%Jester pale ale, tropical, fruity flavours£231
No Frills JoeGreen Hop AF collab Good Karma24x440ml0.50%Alcohol free green hop pale ale brewed with Ernest from Hukins Hops£442
Only with LoveJuicy AF24x440ml0.50%Acohol free hazy, juiced-up banger; big Citra dry-hops and mango£542
Only with LoveZippy AF24x440ml0.50%AF, kettle soured pale; loads of luscious strawberry & zesty citrus lime twang£623
ThornbridgeCzech Mates12x440ml4.80%Czech Style Lager brewed with Maris Otter and Kent Goldings; collab with Budvar£323
ThornbridgeQuiet Storm Eclipse12x440ml5.50%Mouth-watering montage of flavours. Pine, lemon zest and sweet mandarin £362
Tiny RebelStay Puft24x330ml5.20%Marshmallow Porter£401
TwickenhamDaisy Cutter12x440ml6.10%Powerful golden coloured beer with a fruity, citrus nose and flavour. £291
TitanicPlum Porter8x500ml4.90%Well-rounded porter, fruity, sweet notes, hoppy flavour, deep red £173
Mr WhiteheadsNewton’s Discovery12x500ml3.80%Medium dry cider£202
Mr WhiteheadsCirrus Minor12x500ml5.00%Medium sweet cider£212

Thirsty FarmerHot Poker20l BIB4.00%Subtly flavoured mulled still farmhouse cider£554
Thirsty FarmerDry20l BIB5.50%Dry Cider£495
Thirsty FarmerMedium20l BIB5.50%Medium Cider£495
Thirsty FarmerSweet20l BIB5.50%Sweet Cider£491
Thirsty FarmerVintage20l BIB6.50%Vintage Cider£525
Thirsty FarmerFarmhouse Cloudy20l BIB7.20%Medium Cloudy Cider£525
Thirsty FarmerLemon & Lime20l BIB4.00%Lemon and Lime Flavour Cider£594
Thirsty FarmerOrange and Pineapple20l BIB4.00%Orange and Pineapple Flavour Cider£594
Thirsty FarmerMango20l BIB4.00%Mango Flavour Cider£594
Thirsty FarmerBlackcurrant20l BIB4.00%Blackcurrant Flavour Cider£592
Thirsty FarmerSummer Fruit NEW20l BIB4.00%Blended with a burst of summer fruits£594
Thirsty FarmerTropical Fruit NEW20l BIB4.00%Juicy exotic fruits for a delicious thirst quencher£594
Thirsty FarmerCherries and Berries NEW20l BIB4.00%Added summer berries & powerful cherry aroma£594
Mr WhiteheadsRum Cask20l BIB7.00%Medium strong rum cask cider£491
Mr WhiteheadsHampshire Perry20l BIB3.80%Medium/Sweet Perry£412
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Medium strawberry flavoured cider£523
Mr WhiteheadsHeart of Hampshire20l BIB6.00%Dry cider£402
Mr WhiteheadsNewton’s Discovery20l BIB3.80%Medium dry cider£391
Mr WhiteheadsCirrus Minor20l BIB5.00%Medium sweet cider£401
Mr WhiteheadsMidnight Special20l BIB5.00%Medium Perry£423
Mr WhiteheadsBoxing Dog20l BIB7.50%Medium dry cider£424
Mr WhiteheadsApples and Pears10l BIB5.00%Medium fruit flavoured cider£242
Mr WhiteheadsEquinoxS 30l Keg4.50%Medium cider; lightly sparkling NEW£721
Mr WhiteheadsPlumS 50l Keg4.00%Plum Flavour Cider; lightly sparkling NEW£1201

BeerblefishSMASH Organic Pale * (20/11/22)KK 30l Keg5.30%Organic pale with sinlge malt single hop – Citra£991
BrentwoodSombrero -Saison* (13/12/22)9G CASK4.50%Burst of passion fruit and hint of mint, sombrero starts a fiesta in your mouth£892
BrockleyBest Bitter* (7/12/22)9G CASK4.50%Delectably smooth roasted flavour, together with subtle hints of caramel and toffee £831
ButcombeChris Moose (3/1/23)9G CASK4.10%Full bodied winter warmer, with the finest English Maris Otter & toasted malts£842
ButcombeDefiant ESB* (22/11/22)9G CASK4.80%Small Batch ESB, rich and fruity£981
Castle RockMidnight Owl Black IPA* (5/12/22)9G CASK5.50%Rich & warming black IPA with Maris Otter & Lager malts; Cascade & Centennial£921
Castle RockScreech Owl * (17/10/22)9G CASK5.50%Strong well hopped India Pale Ale£941
Church EndWithout-A-Bix* (22/11/22)9G CASK4.60%Traditional style cloudy wheat beer£901
Church EndCoriander Wheat*4.5G PIN4.60%Cloudy wheat beer with the addition of fresh coriander£431
Crafty BrewingLaughing Wolf*(29/11/21)S 50l Keg4.40%APA Dry-hopped and packed with Columbus and Citra hops£901
Crafty BrewingWave Catcher/Hop Tipple* (21/6/22)S 50l Keg4.20%American IPA; Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade & Chinook£902
Crouch ValeAnchor Street Porter* (26/12/22)9G CASK4.90%Smooth and malty with roast notes, this dark beer is rich, dark and substantial£941
DiB/AscotBattle Royale: Centennial*(3/3/22)30l EcoKeg4.40%Single hop Centennial pale, fruity and hoppy£891
DorkingWinter’s Coming * (14/1/23)9G CASK4.50%Ruby British ale, crystal and chocolate males with Fuggles hops£872
KrombacherPils* (14/6/22)A Coup30l Keg4.80%Fruity hop aromas from Felsquellwasser and hallertau; clean, refreshing pils£872
Lees JWDark (Mild)*(1/1/23)9G CASK3.50%Smooth, well-rounded character, sweet undertones and full malty aftertaste£741
LoddonDisparity White Stout*(2/2/22)9G CASK4.80%Roasty dry from cacao nibs, malt and lactose, herby hop notes£501
LoddonHocus Pocus*(22/11/22)9G CASK4.60%Rich, smooth ruby traditional old ale; Current Champion Old Ale£801
LoddonHocus Pocus – SPICED*(3/12/22)9G CASK4.60%Traditional old ale + flavours of cinammon, clove and orange peel £811
LoddonRusset *(15/11/22)9G CASK4.50%Multi-grain redAutumn ale hopped with Fuggles and Styrian Goldings£801
LoddonDisparity BIPA*(24/12/22)9G CASK4.80%Pitch black ale, highly hopped with Calypso & Centennial£843
LordsBaller Mountain IPA* (9/10/22)S PolyKeg 30l5.70%Triple dry hopped mountain IPA, bursting with mouth watering fruity flavours£992
Mad SquirrelMidnight**(4/8/21)S 30l Keg5.80%Black IPA; dark malts, notes of citrus and pine£501
Mad SquirrelCV.3* (21/12/21)PolyKeg K30l5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£751
Mad SquirrelSplash * (7/1/23)S 30l Keg5.90%DDH Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime£1162
Mad SquirrelMr Squirrel *(23/12/22)9G CASK4.00%Premium bitter with notes of vanilla, nuts and toffee£791
Mad SquirrelEbenezer Rouge * (6/1/23)9G CASK4.60%Dark red, malty backbone; light hoppy fruitiness Enigma & Vic Secret dry hop£942
MilestoneLion’s Pride* (7/12/22)9G CASK3.80%Traditional English bitter; well rounded, crisp bitter finish£711
MondoKomet* (28/12/21)S 30l Keg3.50%BerlinerWeisse,Hallertau/Mittelfrueh/wheat, chit&lager malt£602
NuttycombeDoonicans*(24/1/23)9G CASK4.20%Lightcoloured, modern take on trad style; hoppy, green fruit£822
NuttycombeOpulence*(24/1/23)9G CASK4.70%Golden, smooth mouthfeeel, mandarin on the nose; five hops£863
OakhamPendulum (15/2/23)*9G CASK3.80%Floral, herbal citrus aromas & flavours; light & sessionable UK hopped pale ale£991
OakhamEcho – Brown Ale * (24/1/23)9G CASK5.00%Toffee sweetness complemented by citrus, soft tropical fruit and autumn berry £991
OakhamAsylum*(10/10/22)9G CASK4.50%Amber coloured, American hopped premium bitter with insane hop aromas£862
OakhamJeffrey Hudson Bitter (JHB)* (27/10/22)9G CASK3.80%Light and refreshing session bitter£852
OakhamCitra T90** (end June 22)S 30l Keg4.60%Unfiltered session IPA, exploding with hop character;powerful T90 hop pellets£791
OssettNelson Sauvin* (25/1/23)9G CASK4.00%Straw coloured session pale Nwlson Sauvin single hop; bitter, gooseberry aromas£901
OssettNervous Turkey *(30/1/23)9G CASK4.30%Moderately bitter beer with spicy hop finish; pale/crystal malts + Bramling Cross£931
OssettQuintessential* (18/11/22)9G CASK4.60%Golden, full-bodied premium ale, complex grist of pale, wheat & cara malts£891
QuantockStriking Forward *(3/1/23)9G CASK4.10%Limited Edition World Cup 22′ made with Amarillo, Cashmere and Lemondrop hops£911
Red CatMahi Tahi *(9/6/22)9G CASK5.60%NZ Brown Ale; malty caramel notes, lighter hoppy fruitiness, light bitterness£751
SirenMemento * (16/1/23)9G CASK3.80%Best bitter; biscuit and caramel flavours from our malts, balanced by English hops£791
SirenSurrounded By The Sound* (17/12/22)S 30l Keg5.50%Hazy pale with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Bru-1; big tropical vibes£1011
SirenPompelmocello (20/2/23)KK 30l Keg6.00%Juicy grapefruit sour hopped with Ekuanot, bravo and mosaic£1031
StewartHollyrood (13/2/23)S 30l Dolium5.00%Full-flavoured and well-balanced with West Coast American hops£822
StewartSession IPA (13/2/23)S 30l Dolium3.70%Easy drinking session IPA with Mosaic and Cutra£781
TapestryTreasure ** (22/3/20)S 30l Poly6.10%Smoked honey porter, peated malt and honey from Zambia.£501
ThornbridgeCocoa Wonderland *(18/1/23)9G CASK6.80%Full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours£1101
ThornbridgeBayern*(18/11/22)S 30l Keg5.00%Late hopped pils; spicy and earthy flavours with hints of citrus.£851
ThornbridgeQuiet Storm-Talus* (28/1/23)S 30l Keg5.50%Single hopped pale; peaches and grapefruit flavours£1041
ThornbridgeHow The Turntables* (26/11/22)S 30l Keg3.30%Delicate,hazy pale; aromas of tangerine & hints of rose;Talus,Galaxy, Idaho7£782
Tiny RebelPeloton Pale* (23/11/22)9G CASK4.20%Session Pale Ale; smooth, citrus and pine£831
Tiny RebelCloud Shake* (7/12/22)9G CASK4.00%Sweet maltiness, rich mouthfeel and creamy raspberry£901
Tiny RebelFUBAR (11/2/23)9G CASK4.40%Floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back£942
Tiny RebelBrewdolf Snowball IPA (14/2/23)9G CASK4.40%Vanilla citrus finish with a dry bitter residue£1054
Tiny RebelSuper Synth* (18/11/23)S 30l Keg4.30%DDH Helles£821
Tiny RebelKey Lime Lager *(29/1/23)S 30l Keg4.80%Key Lime Lager – Summer Vibes all year round! Refreshing citrus£811
Tiny RebelCali Pale *(19/1/23)S 30l Keg5.00%Juicy pale ale£941
TitanicVienna Lager* (20/10/22)9G CASK4.00%Deep gold; gentle, low bitterness throughout ; a light, refreshing finish.£761
TitanicRaspberry Pale*( 20/10/22)9G CASK4.70%Strong, fruity wheat pale ale with bags of flavour£771
TitseyMercer’s Ale* (End Jan 23)9G CASK5.00%Belgian Blonde: Slightly honeyed fruit with estery notes; Belgian yeast£832
TitseyLeveson Buck* (End Oct 22)S 30l Keg3.70%Session IPA with an American accent, complex with big flavours£751
TwickenhamParadise Pils* (10/12/22)S 30l Keg4.50%Light floral aroma and a crisp refreshing finish£851
White HorseRider IPA* (20/7/22)S 30l Keg4.30%Fruity, hoppy IPA with Waimea, Citra, Wolf, First Gold, Hercules£501
White HorseSIPA – Session IPA *(3/2/23)9G CASK3.60%Gold, tropical, fruity beer brewed with Azzaca, Summit & Eldorado; malt & wheat£792
Wild WeatherCrimson Skies* (3/1/23)9G CASK5.80%Classic red ale inspired by the brewing traditions of Ireland. Sweet but robust£992
Wild WeatherBernard Black* (13/1/22)KK 30l Keg6.80%Robust Imperial black lager long periods of cold maturations,malty not roasty£701
Windsor&EtonMandarin* (29/12/22)9G CASK4.50%Light, smooth, citrusy and hoppy pale ale with over orange flavours£941
Windsor&EtonFather(Christmas)Thames* (29/12/22)9G CASK4.80%Strong, full flavoured bitter, toffee & caramel & marmalade hop aroma.£913
Windsor&EtonGolden Boot * (29/12/22)9G CASK4.00%Light, crisp with added Guava and a special Yakima Chief hops blend£942
WoodfordesReedlighter* (8/12/22)9G CASK4.00%Pale gold hoppy, light and refreshing pale ale; citrus£801
WoodfordesParson James* (16/12/22)9G CASK4.50%Limited edition ruby red ale, normally only in selected pubs in Norfolk£942
WoodfordesWherry*(6/10/22)9G CASK3.80%Rich amber ale, former CBOB, floral aroma with citrus and grapefruit£691
WoodfordesNog* (2/6/22)9G CASK4.60%Deep, ruby-red ale, rich, chocolatey taste, with liquorice and treacle. £501
WoodfordesNelson’s Revenge* (20/9/22)9G CASK4.50%Wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits & barley; aromas of citrus & Norfolk malts£752
By The HornsDas Hoff (9/9)24x440ml5.00%Hefeweizen; cloves and banana notes£501
Ascot/DiBDouble Down (03/22)12x440ml8.00%Dank mango, pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits, sweet coconut & blueberry£292
Fallen AcornValkyrie12x440ml6.80%English hopped NEIPA; passion fruit and pithy stone fruit LIMITED£321
Fallen AcornNot With That Oatitude*(3/6)12x440ml10.50%Oat cream and triple IPA with a double dry hop of El Dorado, Azacca & Amarillo £441
GoodnessOur Friend Loral*12x440ml5.20%Sofft, hazy Pale Ale with the aroma of a summer garden, with Loral hops£301
GoodnessYes!12x440ml4.50%Session IPA, big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£201
GoodnessWood Green Hopping City (5/22)12x440ml4.70%Community grown hops. Traditional golden ale, fruity, biscuit malt base£231
LordsRoy (6/22)12x440ml5.80%Cranberry infused pale ale, hazy peach colour with a punchy cranberry kick£291
Mad SquirrelSilver Fern (28/4/22)12x440ml6.20%All New Zealand hopped IPA£331
Mad SquirrelCV.3 (21/3/22)12x440ml5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£282
Mad SquirrelSupreme (1/3/22)12x440ml12.00%Imperial Stout, rich and indulgent, notes of vanilla, coffee and tonka£402
Mad SquirrelAbbey (27/2/22)12x440ml7.50%Rich and malty doppelbock£301
Mad SquirrelSumo (6/4/22)12x440ml4.70%Summit and Mosaic with flavours of tropical fruit and dank herbs£251
Mad SquirrelSplash (11/2/22)12x440ml5.90%Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime£322
ParkTread Lightly (9/1/23)*12x330ml3.60%Table lager; fresh hops from Epsom garden;delicate flavours of cedar and pine£151
PhantomThree-0 (11/2)12x440ml8.70%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito and a heap of Citra Lupomax and Mosaic Lupomax£302
PhantomI’ll Eat When I’m Dead (10/2)12x440ml8.00%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito, Nelson Sauvin & Citra£302
PhantomSleeping Lions (12/21)12x440ml6.40%IPA with Simcoe, Idaho 7 & El Dorado£202
PhantomLens (27/1/22)12x440ml7.00%West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Citra & Cashmere£202
PhantomAutumn (14/3)12x440ml6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£282
PhantomBalloons (14/3)12x440ml5.00%Fruity American pale with Simcoe, Amarillo, Sabro£241
ThornbridgeLukas (16/6) GF12x440ml4.20%Gluten Free Helles lager with Bavarian ingredients, clean, crisp and satisfying.£152
ThornbridgeQuiet Storm-Galaxy*12x440ml5.50%Single hopped pale; juicy fruit flavours of guava, mango and lychee£311
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake (23/4)24x330ml4.50%Creamy Citra IPA£383
Tiny RebelPeaches and Cream (22/4)24x330ml5.50%Creamy Peach IPA£413
Tiny RebelCali Pale (18/5)24x330ml5.00%Juicy pale ale£353
Tiny RebelElectric Boogaloo (26/5)24x330ml4.50%Passion fruit lil NEIPA£331
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica (26/5)24x330ml5.50%Tropical IPA£351
Top RopePapa Mango (2/22)12x440ml5.10%Juicy, hazy pale ale, dry hopped with Citra, conditioned on 60kg of mango puree.£202
Top RopeCold Stone Steve Austin (2/22)12x440ml4.60%Smooth, east drinking ice cream pale; key lime pie edition£203
Top RopeDarkOrder (1/22)12x440ml5.50%Dark, hoppy IPA packed with Cascade, Citra and El Dorado £202
Weird BeardAcid Black Coffee (03/22)12x440ml5.50%Philly sour black IPA with coffee; collab with CraftRock of Jaoan£201
Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill (01/22)12x330ml3.90%Session IPA with lactose and oats£122
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup (28/2)18x440ml6.00%Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops£301