BEERS & CIDERS IN STOCK - W/C 28/09/2020 (Beers Marked With * May Be Past Best Before Date)

Ascot5/4 Favourite9G CASK4.60%Refreshing Golden Ale, a wonderful hoppy nose from Cascade hops.£85
AscotStarting Gate9G CASK4.00%Terrific copper-coloured, fully loaded session bitter£81
AscotAnastasia’s Stout9G CASK5.00%Deep, complex stout full of roasted coffee, bitter chocolate flavours£95
Ascot/Disruption Is BrewingCitra SlamKK 30l Keg4.40%Citrus and floral flavours, lasting grapefruit & tropical kicks£99
Ascot/Disruption Is BrewingLast Walk Thru’ EdenPolyKeg 30l4.80%Tropical, forbidden fruit treat is dry hopped with some of NZL’s finest.£95
By The HornsHopadelic9G CASK4.30%Session IPA£82
By The HornsStiff Upper Lip9G CASK3.80%Pale Ale with NZ Paciific Gem and American Citra£75
By The HornsHefeweizenS 30l Keg5.90%Wheat beer with aromas of spice and banana£92
By The HornsSqueezerS 30l Keg4.30%Juicy Pale Ale bursting with soft tropical fruity goodness£88
By The HornsWest End PilsS 30l Keg4.00%Czech style pilsner, fusion of Saaz and Centennial, crisp lager£82
By The HornsBlack Forest GateauS 30l Keg11.00%Cherry Chocolate Imperial Stout£125
By The HornsBlack Forest GateauKK 30l Keg11.00%Cherry Chocolate Imperial Stout£138
Church EndFallen Angel9G CASK5.00%A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter, bucket fulls of American hops£99
Church EndVicar’s Ruin9G CASK4.40%Straw coloured best bitter£93
ElusiveOVERDRIVE LAP 19 B9G CASK5.50%West Coast inspired American Pale Ale, Amarillo and Citra£90
ElusivePLAN-B (2020)9G CASK4.20%Melon, Vic Secret and Southern Cross with US & Belgian yeast£83
ElusiveSPELLBINDERKK 30l Keg6.00%Coffee Porter£90
ElusiveOVERFLOWKK 30l Keg4.80%Kolsch style collab with Double Barrelled and Siren£84
ElusiveLORD NELSONKK 20l Keg6.80%Farmhouse Ale single hopped with Nelson Sauvin£71
Fallen AcornExpedition IPA *9G CASK5.50%Full flavoured and complex grapefruit and citrus notes£82
Fallen AcornWave Of LightKK 30l Keg6.70%West Coast IPA, dry-hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic and Comet.£128
Fallen AcornCrystal HazeKK 30l Keg7.20%NEIPA Cascade, Comet, and Mosaic Juicy notes of mango, citrus.£135
Fallen AcornSith FacedKK 30l Keg5.80%Oatmeal stout, coffee, chocolate raosty notes launched May Fourth..£95
Fallen AcornMiami WeissKK 30l Keg5.00%Tropical fruited sour, Peko & Amarillo; passionfruit,mango,pineapple£126
Fallen AcornDouble Tide PilsnerKK 30l Keg5.00%Czech style pilsner; sweetness, combined with spicy hop character£75
FishersSmoked Porter *S 30l EcoKeg4.40%Beech smoked porter with Chinook and Centennial£65
Fishers2nd Breakfast*S 30l EcoKeg4.50%American Oat Pale£80
FishersDIPA *S 30l EcoKeg7.30%Double IPA smooth with oat flakes£89
HedgedogLighthouse Pale9G CASK4.70%Dry refreshing mouthfeel with a lingering, spicy,dry bitterness£95
HedgedogViceKK 30l Keg5.50%Classic Weissbier style characterised by a balance of flavours£85
Iron PierJoined At The Hop (D&G) *9G CASK3.80%Fruity Pale with Dana and Godiva£75
Iron PierCast Iron Stout9G CASK4.70%Dark chocolate and coffee, highly drinkable smooth stout£90
Iron PierLong Ferry9G CASK3.90%Easy drinking dry hopped golden ale£80
Iron PierBullion IPA9G CASK5.00%Full bodied, zesty orange/citrus & dark fruit aroma and flavours£95
Iron PierSession IPAS 30l EcoKeg4.20%IPA packed full of Mosaic, Chinook and Cascade hops£90
Iron PierSaison – EkuanotS 30l EcoKeg4.30%Ekuanot dry-hopped saison£85
Iron PierKeller QueenS 30l EcoKeg4.40%German style lager beer, soft hoppy character, balanced bitterness£89
Iron PierCrumbleS 30l EcoKeg5.40%Blackberry and apple sour£100
JeffersonsPulseKK 30l Keg4.80%Pale clean & refreshing with subtle orange zest notes ; Blanc hop£85
JeffersonsHop PuppeteerKK 30l Keg5.20%DDH pale, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Colombus & Comet£92
KewMr Brownstone *KK 30l Keg5.00%Brown IPA, barley and wheat£80
KewRichmond RyeKK 30l Keg4.30%Brewed using four different malts+ rye, & six different British hops£85
LoddonSix Pack *9G CASK4.20%Blonde Ale for Six Nations Rugby£70
LoddonCitra Quad *9G CASK4.40%Smooth session IPA with Citra hopped over four stages£75
LoddonEkuanot Quad *9G CASK4.40%Intense aroma hop showcases flavours of lemon, lime and papaya£80
LoddonPekko QuadS 30l EcoKeg4.40%Ninth in the series; citrus and melon juicy session IPA£85
LoddonFerryman’s GoldS 30l EcoKeg4.40%Golden, smooth ale packed with zesty, aromatic Styrian Golding hops.£85
LymestoneStone The Crows *9G CASK5.40%Red to Black beer with juicy fruit flavours£80
LymestoneStone Age *9G CASK4.20%Hoppy copper coloured bitter with Cascade hops£65
LymestoneTropical Punch IPA *S 30l Keg4.50%Bitter with watermelon and refreshing fruit flavours£75
Mad SquirrelHopfest Gluten Free Pale *9G CASK3.80%A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra£70
Mad SquirrelBig SeaS 30l Keg5.50%West Coast IPA£105
Mad SquirrelDances on The Sand *S 30l Keg5.50%Tropical Sour,orange, guava, mango, apricot & passion fruit£90
Mad SquirrelNative V Schwarzbier *S 30l Keg4.80%Black lager, light in body roasty in flavour£85
Mad SquirrelHopfest Gluten Free PaleS 30l Keg3.80%A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra£85
Mad SquirrelHopfenweisseS 30l Keg5.40%Classic wheat base with generous dry hopping£96
Mad SquirrelNative Munich HellesS 30l Keg5.50%Golden, full-bodied and malty with a delicate hop bite£79
Mad SquirrelPost Run Sultana Pale AleS 30l Keg3.70%Sultana hops showcase big fruity ripe pineapple/bright citrus aromas£92
Mad SquirrelDe La NutKK 30l Keg4.50%Hazelnut milk stout, smooth and creamy from added lactose sugar.£100
Mighty OakCascade IPA *KK 30l Keg6.20%Trad. IPA nicely bitter, balanced with intense floral hop flavour£60
Mighty OakNut Bastard *KK 30l Keg5.80%Golden hoppy, hazy, vegan friendly ale, honey and erathy flavours£60
Mighty OakOld Man and The Sea *KK 30l Keg4.10%Dark and delicious creamy stout£60
MoncadaEl Chichon Chipotle Stout *9G CASK6.30%LIMITED EDITION Stout With Chipotle – *PRICE DROP*£110
New BristolJoy of Sesh *S 30l Keg4.00%Session IPA packed full of flavour, maris otter & oats, mosaic & citra£79
New BristolSummacrushS 30l Keg4.00%Delicious, juicy, hazy session IPA£89
New BristolCinder Toffee StoutS 30l Keg4.00%£92
New BristolMy Mosaic Romance9G CASK4.50%Tropical fruit, grapefruit blossom, mandarin orange and blueberries.£92
New BristolHeyday9G CASK4.80%Comet, Mosaic, Centennial & Galaxy, soft juicy, fruity & hazy. Lactose.£94
No Frills JoeLockdown Joe9G CASK5.00%Great session pale with bullion hops£92
No Frills JoeCandy Soup9G CASK4.50%Fun, hoppy Pale Ale brewed with 5 brilliant hops selected seasonally£95
No Frills JoeDreamlandS 30l Keg4.50%Hoppy west coast session IPA, bursting with citrusy and piney aromas£95
No Frills JoeAmerican WheatS 30l Keg4.80%Sweeter and smother with thick, long lasting head£95
No Frills JoeLockdown JoeS 30l Keg5.00%Great session pale with bullion hops£92
OakhamJeffrey Hudson Bitter9G CASK3.80%Light and refreshing session bitter£86
OakhamCitra *9G CASK4.20%Juicy flavours of grapefruit, lychee and lime.£83
OakhamEndless Summer *9G CASK3.40%Skilfully hopped with a blend of USA and New Zealand sourced hops£69
OakhamElephant In The Kanha9G CASK5.20%Smooth slightly hazy NEIPA,lemon, lime, melon hop flavours£106
OssettExcelsius *9G CASK5.20% A classic pale ale, brewed from British pale malt & US Cascade hops.£89
ParkGallows*S 30l Keg4.50%American Pale dry hopped with Simcoe and Mosaic£80
PhantomMy Cat’s BirthdayKK 30l Keg5.60%Pale ale with a healthy dose of Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria£95
PhantomTrufflesKK 30l Keg4.00%Wheat Beer with Grapefruit and Orange zest£82
PhantomMidnight Space CowboyKK 30l Keg5.30%Roasty, coffee, oatmeal stout£93
QuantockTitanium *9G CASK5.10%West Coast IPA style beer, bursting with tropical hop flavours£89
QuantockMini Milestone *9G CASK5.00%Well hopped session IPA£79
QuantockBatch Made in Heaven *KK 30l Keg6.30%DDH NEIPA With Simcoe cryo, Amarillio & Citra PRICE DROP£130
QuantockTitaniumKK 30l Keg5.10%West Coast IPA style beer, bursting with tropical hop flavours£103
QuantockQPAKK 30l Keg4.00%Light in colour, US hops, massive citrus flavour and aroma.£87
ReunionTalwar9G CASK4.50%Clean Cut Ale with Coriander£50
ReunionIncredible Pale Ale9G CASK5.00%Beautiful copper-straw colour, fruity, herbaceous India Pale Ale£50
ReunionAfterword9G CASK4.50%Mosaic pale ale£50
Round CornerSteeplechase *S 30l Keg4.40%Sweet malt complexity,well balanced, English, New Zealand, US hops£78
SirenYuLu9G CASK3.60%Refreshing and exciting with Earl Grey and lemon zest£92
SirenSunset To The SkiesS 30l Keg5.20%Helles lager, underlying sweetness,subtle spicy,floral & herbal aroma£85
SirenMiddle Finger DiscountS 30l Keg7.20%100% Mosaic IPA, spun on cedar wood, dank, deep tropical fruit£159
SirenNeo NormalS 30l Keg7.30%A special collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, brewed with TALUS™£159
SirenSuspended In GalaxyS 30l Keg4.00%American pale brewed with Galaxy hops, think peach and citrus peel£91
StardustEnglish Bitter*9G CASK4.00%Notes of roasted caramel, which mingle with classic hop aromas.£70
StardustEasy Pale Citra9G CASK3.80%Session pale, subtle blend of US hops and pale malt£75
StardustOptic9G CASK4.20%Aromatic hoppy pale ale with US hops, tropical fruits on the nose£79
StardustPK39G CASK5.60%Complex hop profile. Tropical, fruity, spicy…it’s got them all£95
StardustSearchingKK 30l Keg6.00%Citra, Cascade, Nelson and Mosaic…..£99
TapestryAfrican Porter *S 30l Keg4.60%London Porter and African Hop Southern Promise£65
Thames SideHeron *9G CASK3.70%Traditional English bitter with fuggles and goldings£69
ThurstonsHorsell Gold9G CASK3.80%Rounded bitterness, caramel and spice on the palette, a hoppy aroma£79
ThurstonsMilk Stout9G CASK4.50%Dark, creamy, full bodied, with chocolate & coffee notes.£82
Tiny RebelCwtch9G CASK4.60%Welsh Red Ale£92
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake9G CASK4.50%Creamy Citra IPA£95
Tiny RebelFeel The Rhythm9G CASK4.60%New England IPA£102
Tiny RebelKey LimeS 30l Keg4.80%Lager with Key lime£88
Tiny RebelStay PuftS 30l Keg5.20%Marshmallow Porter£94
Weird BeardMariana Trench9G CASK5.30%Pale Ale with NZ Paciific Gem and American Citra£90
Weird BeardDark Hopfler9G CASK2.50%Top rated on RateBeer milky chocolate and dark malt£83
Weird BeardMariana On Mango9G CASK7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£138
Weird BeardMariana On MangoKK 30l Keg7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£130
Weird BeardDead By DawnKK 30l Keg5.60%Cherry Breakfast Stout collab with Brewdog Shoreditch£97
Weird BeardLittle Things That KillKK 30l Keg3.90%Session IPA with lactose and oats£96
Weird BeardReformatoryKK 30l Keg4.00%DDH Hazy Pale£98
Weird BeardAnti-Social Social ClubKK 30l Keg7.70%DDH Hazy DIPA£140
Weird BeardKnight in Sour ArmourKK 30l Keg6.40%Sour Black IPA collab with Tripoint, lashings of Sorachi Ace£117
Weird BeardMariana TrenchKK 30l Keg5.30%Pale Ale with NZ Paciific Gem and American Citra£95
White HorseCrazy Horse *S 30l Keg4.70%Blonde fruity IPA with 5 hops£60
White HorseLuna Space Cowboy *9G CASK2.80%Micro IPA Limited£55
Wild WeatherPeach Of A WeeekendKK 30l Keg5.60%Luscious peach aroma, tart finish delivers a World beating sour.£94
Wild WeatherDamn Dead ApricotKK 30l Keg4.20%Light bodied, refreshing apricot sour, balance between tart & sweet.£88
Wild WeatherPlain Sailing WeatherKK 30l Keg7.00%A dry and punchy IPA infused with Makrut lime leaves and lime zest£99
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup9G CASK6.00%Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops£95
Wild WeatherKing St Pale9G CASK4.20%An easy-drinking hazy extraordinaire of a beer£82
Wild WeatherFull of Beans9G CASK5.00%Coffee stout£86
Wild WeatherDude Where’s My DonutKK 30l Keg6.00%Chocolate covered Custard Donut White Stout£100
Windsor&EtonKnight of the Garter9G CASK3.80%Straw coloured golden ale with an initial hit of cut grapefruit zest£79
XT BrewingXT4 *9G CASK3.80%Session Amber£75
XT BrewingElk *S 30l Keg4.60%Rich amber ale£85
XT BrewingSquid Ink *S 30l Keg5.50%Blend of Columbus, Summit, Galaxy and Chinook hops + nine malts.£88

AscotGold Cup1×24 330ml4.00%Delicious and outstanding session IPA, lovely citrus and pine flavours£33
Ascot/Disruption Is BrewingCitra Slam1×24 330ml4.40%Citrus and floral flavours, lasting grapefruit & tropical kicks£35
AscotFront Runner1×24 330ml4.80%Dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo hop flavours£36
By The HornsCosmic Warrior1×24 330ml4.80%Pale brewed with smoked malt and Earl Grey Tea£33
By The HornsHopadelic1×24 330ml4.30%Session IPA£32
By The HornsSpark Dust1×24 440ml4.30%Brut IPA with hallertau, Blanc and Amarillo£52
By The HornsLambeth Walk1×24 330ml5.10%London porter. Velvety, rich with coffee, cocoa notes and hints of nut£37
By The HornsOld Smoke1×24 330ml4.00%Lighty smoked English tea, bitter floral British hops,ceylon&earl grey£32
By The HornsSqueezer1×24 440ml4.30%Juicy Pale Ale bursting with soft tropical fruity goodness£47
By The HornsCitrus Paradisi1×24 330ml4.30%Juiced up session IPA bursting with fresh tropical notes£35
By The HornsHefeweizen1×24 330ml5.90%Wheat beer with aromas of spice and banana£36
DorkingSurrey XPA1×24 440ml3.80%Ideal session pale with US & UK hops; light, refreshing, easy to drink£51
DorkingPilcrow Pale1×24 440ml4.00%Flagship pale ale, Citra and Chinook hops from Yakima valley£51
DorkingRed India1×24 440ml5.00%Award winning toasty sweet red IPA, Perle and Centennial hops£56
DorkingBlack Noise1×24 440ml4.50%New age porter with 8 malts and only British hops£54
ElusiveANOMALOUS MATERIALS1X12 440ml5.30%Hazy pale collab with Vibrant Forest, Mosaic, Citra and Sabro£27
Fallen AcornLockdown1×24 440ml4.50%Sessionable New England style IPA, full of tropical juice notes£56
Iron PierKeller Queen1×12 440ml4.40%German style lager, soft hoppy character and balanced bitterness£34
Iron PierSession IPA1×12 440ml4.20%Crisp and hoppy session IPA , citrus aromas and light bitterness£34
Iron PierRosherville Red1×12 440ml4.80%Hop-forward Red Ale, punchy US hops, a big fruity character£36
Jefferson’sThe Brightside1×24 330ml5.40%Hazy Pale Simcoe and Citra£40
Jefferson’sBirthday Beer No.31×24 330ml5.40%New England Pale Citra and Mosaic£45
Jefferson’sAcross The Pond1×24 330ml3.80%Transatlantic Session IPA with amarillo and citra hops£35
Jefferson’sPulse1×24 330ml4.80%Pale clean & refreshing with subtle orange zest notes ; Blanc hop£37
Jefferson’sReload1×24 330ml4.60%helles Lager£37
Jefferson’sDeep Scoop *1×24 330ml6.00%A chewy and hazy NEIPA, dry hopped with Bru-1 and Mosaic£33
JeffersonsHop Puppeteer1×24 330ml5.20%DDH pale, Centennial, Chinook, Citra, Colombus & Comet£37
JeffersonsHidden Constellations1×24 330ml6.20%NEIPA with Enigma, Galaxy and Mosaic£39
Jefferson’sClever Clogs (B)1×24 330ml5.20%Brett Peach Saison£39
LoddonCitra Quad1×24 330ml4.40%Smooth session IPA with Citra hopped over four stages£40
LoddonThis Is New England1×12 440ml5.80%Citrussy, tropical, green tea, lemon glory; Ekuanot, Mosaic,Lemondrop£30
Mad SquirrelSumo1×12 440ml4.70%Summit and Mosaic with flavours of tropical fruit and dank herbs£28
Mad SquirrelGluten Free Hopfest1×12 440ml3.80%A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra£26
Mad SquirrelBig Sea1×12 440ml5.50%West Coast IPA£28
Mad SquirrelParadisi1×12 440ml2.80%Grapefruit Radler, low ABV, mega juicy and refreshing£25
Mad SquirrelRoadkill1×12 440ml6.50%New England IPA£36
Mad SquirrelPost Run Sultana Pale Ale1×12 440ml3.70%Sultana hops showcase big fruity ripe pineapple/bright citrus aromas£32
MoncadaSwitch1×12 440ml6.00%Latest Blueprint series NEIPA£33
MoncadaSafe Word is..Kolsch *1×24 440ml4.70%Tasty Kolsch style, one of the Blueprint series£48
MoncadaWe Are Floating in Ace (B)1×24 330ml4.50%Saison£40
MondoCaptain #21×24 440ml4.90%DDH Pale with Amarillo, Motueka and Simcoe£67
MondoMachina1×24 440ml4.10%Helles lager£55
New BristolWonderland1×24 440ml4.00%Vermont style IPA, amild bitterness big juicy blast – Contains Lactose.£28
New BristolThe Boogie Below1×24 440ml5.00%Enticingly hazy and soft gold, strong cirtus notes and vanilla£30
New BristolMacho Mucho1×24 440ml5.80%Smooth, creamy, tropical experience, Macho flavour, Mucho hops£32
New BristolMoments Not Things1×24 440ml5.40%Hazy Pale ale with the juiciest hops,low bitterness, soft mouthfeel,oats£31
OssettExcelsius1×12 500ml5.20%Classic pale ale, US Cascade hops, smooth, fruity, full-bodied£25
OssettSilver King1×12 500ml4.30%Pale, crisp, dry and bitter with cirtus from American Cascade£22
PhantomMeadow Road1×12 440ml4.50%Well balanced pale ale, Colombus, Amarillo and mandarina Bavaria£24
PhantomJoey1×12 440ml4.30%Super juicy pale ale, packed full of Galaxy and Eall & a touch Vic Sec£26
PhantomTouch1×12 440ml4.70%Apple and blackcurrant sour£29
PhantomModern Chemistry1×12 440ml5.30%Hazy pale is hopped with Columbus BBC and Amarillo£29
QuantockQPA1×24 330ml4.00%Light in colour, US hops, massive citrus flavour and aroma.£42
QuantockTitanium1×24 330ml5.10%West Coast IPA style beer, bursting with tropical hop flavours£51
RatWhite Rat1×12 440ml4.00%Ultra pale, extremely hoppy with low colour malt, intensely aromatic£21
ReunionThink Tank1×24 330ml4.60%Session IPA , solid malt base with fruity citrus hop aroma£41
ReunionAir Supply1×24 330ml4.00%Fruity Anglo-American pale ale, UK Cascade, US Cascade, Citra hops£39
ReunionPIA1×24 330ml4.40%Dark, complex and light-bodied porter hopped with NZ Waimea£40
ReunionLager1×24 330ml4.60%Classic Pilsener style, unfiltered with Strisselspalt and Hallertau hops£41
SaltJute1×12 330ml4.20%Pale session IPA: American Mosaic, Australian Galaxy & Vic Secret£15
SirenCalypso1×12 330ml4.00%Dry hopped sour,Cascade,Centennial,Chinook,Ekuanot,Hallertau Blanc£18
SirenSuspended In Cans1×12 440ml4.00%Hazy pale ale packed full of hops£30
SirenYuLu1×12 330ml3.60%Refreshing and exciting with Earl Grey and lemon zest£18
SirenSoundwave1×12 330ml5.60%Tropical heaven, big hitting US hops£19
SirenLumina1×12 330ml4.20%Session IPA, pillowy soft mouthfeeel with beautiful light haze£18
SirenPompelmocello1×12 440ml6.00%Juicy grapefruit sour hopped with Ekuanot, bravo and mosaic£30
SirenDo Repeat Yourself1×12 440ml4.50%Crisp, dry, crushable and thirst-quenching, beautiful hop expression£29
SirenMuch Ado About Muffin1×12 440ml5.50%Collaboration with Lervig , suitably bursting with juicy blueberries.£36
SirenGuava Script1×12 440ml4.00%Pink Guava sour with Azacca and Mosaic£30
SirenNeo Normal1×12 440ml7.30%A special collaboration with Yakima Chief Hops, brewed with TALUS™£40
SirenLet The Night In1×12 440ml6.20%Tropical fruit, citrus and resinous aromas burst from this Black IPA£27
SirenMiddle Finger Discount1×12 440ml7.20%100% Mosaic IPA, spun on cedar wood, dank, deep tropical fruit£40
SirenOne Through Three1×12 440ml6.00%Mango, passionfruit and peach, collab with Salt and North Brewing£26
SirenThe World Beyond My Window1×12 440ml6.50%East/West Coast IPA collab, HonestBrew 7th B’day,bold,full of flavour£30
Tiny RebelEasy Livin’1×24 330ml4.30%Session Pale Ale£38
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica1×24 330ml5.50%Tropical IPA£40
Tiny RebelStay Puft1×24 330ml5.20%Marshmallow Porter£40
Tiny RebelElectric Boogaloo1×24 330ml4.50%Passion fruit lil NEIPA£38
Tiny RebelCali pale1×24 330ml5.00%Juicy pale ale£40
Tiny RebelDutty1×24 330ml4.20%Vermont Style IPA£38
Tiny RebelShake Down1×24 330ml4.50%Mango Vermont IPA£40
Tiny RebelPump Up The Jam1×24 330ml5.00%Jam Doughnut Pale Ale£43
Tiny RebelCwtch1×24 330ml4.60%Welsh Red Ale£40
Weird BeardFive O’Clock Shadow1×12 330ml7.00%American IPA big on hoppiness!£19
Weird BeardMariana Trench1×12 330ml5.30%Pale Ale with NZ Paciific Gem and American Citra£18
Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill1×12 330ml3.90%Session IPA with lactose and oats£17
Weird BeardArmus1×24 440ml8.60%Thick, slightly sweet luxurious stout.£70
Weird BeardDark Times/Dark Measures1×24 440ml6.20%Milk coffee stout with Tonka beans. Contains lactose.£55
Weird BeardThe Dodo1×24 440ml4.60%Collab with The Dodo pub. Juicy, easy drinking DDH pale£43
Weird BeardF@#You I Won’t Brew…1×12 440ml9.30%West Coast IPA simcoe, Centennial, Chinook and Colombus£37
Weird BeardMariana On Mango1×12 440ml7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£30
Wild WeatherFull of Beans Export1×24 440ml8.00% Maple and Walnut coffee stout, cold steeped in Arabica beans£68
Wild WeatherKing St Pale1×18 440ml4.20%An easy-drinking hazy extraordinaire of a beer£33
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup1×24 440ml6.00%Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops£38
Wild WeatherPeach Of A Weeekend1×18 440ml5.60%Luscious peach aroma, tart finish delivers a World beating sour.£38
Wild WeatherCurse of Threepwood1×24 440ml5.00%Tart colossus of a beer, rich, sweet rhubarb,backdrop of hibiscus.£38
Wild WeatherDamn Dead Gooseberry1×18 440ml4.20%Light bodied, refreshing sour, nice balance between tart and sweet.£36
Wild WeatherJohn Peel1×18 440ml5.50%Banana milkshake IPA£42

Thirsty FarmerSweet20l BIB5.50%Sweet Cider£42
Thirsty FarmerMedium20l BIB5.50%Medium Cider£42
Thirsty FarmerDry20l BIB5.50%Dry Cider£42
Thirsty FarmerFarmhouse Cloudy20l BIB7.20%Medium Cloudy Cider£45
Thirsty FarmerVintage20l BIB6.50%Vintage Cider£46
Thirsty FarmerLemon and Lime20l BIB4.00%Lemon and Lime Flavour Cider£54
Thirsty FarmerStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider£54
Thirsty FarmerBlackcurrant20l BIB4.00%Blackcurrant Flavour Cider£54
Thirsty FarmerOrange and Pineapple20l BIB4.00%Orange and Pineapple Flavour Cider£54
Hogan’s/TRProtanopia20l BIB6.00%Medium/Sweet£57
Hogan’s/TRPeariscope20l BIB4.80%Fruit Pear Cider£57

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