BEERS & CIDERS IN STOCK - W/C 28/11/2022 (Beers And Ciders Marked With * or ** May Be Past BB Date)

360°Fastback* (12/10)9G CASK5.20%West Coast pale with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra£921
360°Bluebell9G CASK4.30%Sussex Best Bitter; bittersweet, fruity, round and beautifully thirst quenching£892
360°Tacoma9G CASK3.90%Easy drinking APA. Brewed with caramelised and crystal malts; triple Cascade£881
360°Mutiny9G CASK4.90%Chocolate and coconut stout; hopped with Bramling Cross, EKG, Fuggles & Olicana£992
360°Rainbow Connection9G CASK4.40%Green hop pale with Harlequin and UK Cascade; ints of grapefruit and orange£892
360°Redneck Agenda9G CASK4.60%American brown; citrus and grapefruit notes of the Citra and Amarillo hops£972
360°Fish HookS 30l Keg6.00%Juicy, hazy NEIPA; intense tropical fruit flavours; Nelson Sauvin and Motueka£1051
360°Session IPAS 30l Keg4.30%Dangerously sessionable Mosaic pale ale, dry-hopped with Amarillo & Chinook £921
360°MutinyS 30l Keg4.90%Chocolate and coconut stout; hopped with Bramling Cross, EKG, Fuggles & Olicana£992
BeerblefishEdmonton Best Bitter9G CASK4.30%Traditional British malt base with an international line-up of hops, inc. Archer£941
BeerblefishInfinite ImprobilityKK 30l Keg6.70%Saison; slight peppery and citrus notes delivered by the yeast.£1081
BeerblefishStorm CloudKK 30l Keg4.60%Dark and sessionable hoppy ale. Hops used are Most and Mystic£982
Big HandOstara*9G CASK3.90%Crystal malts & noble hops combine; perfectly balanced session bitter£791
Big HandSeren9G CASK3.70%Soft Pale Ale, Fresh Melon, Peach and Tangerine flavours £821
Big Hand3 Degrees West9G CASK3.80%Soft and subtle bready malts, complemented by the best German & Czech hops£832
Big HandGridlock Burton Ale9G CASK7.30%Full bodied Burton Ale, rich chestnut, with blackcurrant, spice & molasses £1301
Big HandWombat9G CASK4.50%Antipodean hops dominate in the crisp clean and refreshing IPA.£941
Bond BrewsNight Screamer9G CASK4.20%Classic dry stout, perfect for Halloweeeen!£941
Bond BrewsMoore Beer 9G CASK4.00%4 English malts & wheat, English First Gold hops with English Cascade£942
Bond BrewsWheat-A-Bier9G CASK4.40%Brewed using 2 types of malted barley and wheat with Magnum hops£981
BrentwoodSombrero -Saison9G CASK4.50%Burst of passion fruit and hint of mint, sombrero starts a fiesta in your mouth£942
BrockleyPale Ale9G CASK4.10%British style Pale Ale – bitter and balanced,£821
BrockleyBest Bitter9G CASK4.50%Delectably smooth roasted flavour, together with subtle hints of caramel and toffee £882
BrockleyLagerS 30l Keg4.10%Time-matured, traditionally brewed, pilsner malts and Noble Hersbrucker hops£901
ButcombeChris Moose 9G CASK4.10%Full bodied winter warmer, with the finest English Maris Otter & toasted maltsPOA4
ButcombeOriginal * (4/11)9G CASK4.00%Maris Otter malt+ blend of English hops; bitter, clean and refreshing £751
ButcombeDefiant ESB* (22/11)9G CASK4.80%Small Batch ESB, rich and fruity£981
Castle RockSession IPAS 30l Keg4.00%Modern-style juicy, hoppy pale; aromas of grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit£971
Castle RockBlack Gold9G CASK3.80%Award winning mild that delivers a light fresh taste£821
Castle RockDowntown Lights9G CASK3.40%Amber ale, rounded & full-bodied, cascade hops, notes of fresh citrus £791
Castle RockMidnight Owl Black IPA9G CASK5.50%Rich & warming black IPA with Maris Otter & Lager malts; Cascade & Centennial£971
Castle RockSnowhite9G CASK4.20%Very pale and very refreshing ale with a delicate and distinctive hop character.£862
Castle RockScreech Owl * (17/10)9G CASK5.50%Strong well hopped India Pale Ale£941
Church EndWithout-A-Bix9G CASK4.60%Traditional style cloudy wheat beer£951
Church EndFallen Angel9G CASK5.00%A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter, bucket fulls of American hops£971
Church EndCoriander Wheat4.5G CASK4.60%Cloudy wheat beer with the addition of fresh coriander£481
Crafty BrewingLoxhill Biscuit *9G CASK3.60%Graceful golden beer brewed with Amarillo, First Gold and Challenger £731
Crafty BrewingNelson9G CASK4.00%Traditional English Best Bitter, with layer of fresh European, US & NZ hops£851
Crafty BrewingCrafty One9G CASK3.90%Pale-straw coloured beer with international flavours of Chinook & Sorachi Ace£842
Crafty BrewingWest Coast Amber Ale9G CASK4.40%NEW amber ale in west coast style with US hops£871
Crafty BrewingLaughing Wolf*S 50l Keg4.40%APA Dry-hopped and packed with Columbus and Citra hops£901
Crafty BrewingWave Catcher/Hop Tipple*S 50l Keg4.20%American IPA; Thirst-quenching golden coloured beer with Cascade & Chinook£903
Crouch ValeBlackwater Mild9G CASK3.70%Smooth and malty dark mild; fruity and full-bodied£891
Crouch ValeAnchor Street Porter9G CASK4.90%Smooth and malty with roast notes, this dark beer is rich, dark and substantial£992
Crouch ValeTen 469G CASK4.80%Deep ruby-brown in colour, pronounced English hop aroma and bitterness£1032
DiB/AscotBattle Royale: Centennial*30l EcoKeg4.40%Single hop Centennial pale, fruity and hoppy£891
DorkingPilcrow Pale *9G CASK4.00%Flagship pale ale, Citra and Chinook hops from Yakima valley £841
DorkingDB One9G CASK4.20%Easy drinking best bitter 100% English Malt + Bobek & Bramling Cross£893
DorkingWinter’s Coming9G CASK4.50%Ruby British ale, crystal and chocolate males with Fuggles hops£923
DorkingPrototype LagerS 50l Keg4.50%Light and crisp Helles with a subtle maltiness, balanced by a dry mouthfeel£1341
ElusiveCarve’n YamsKK 30l Keg5.20%Sweet Coffee Porter to which has been added pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices£943
Fallen AcornSwindon Roundabout MuseumS 30l Polykeg5.00%Mosaic and Cashmere dry hop, at an ABV you can smash all summer long£1251
GoodnessA Love SupremeS 30l Keg6.10%DDH hazy IPA, super pale,low bitterness, Amarillo, Citrus,Columbus,El Dorado£1152
Iron PierWest Coast IPA9G CASK5.20%Big, juicy, tropical, piney hop character; lots of hops, but malt too£1031
Iron PierBest Bitter9G CASK4.80%Perfectly balanced deep bronze,fragrant fruity hop aroma and malted biscuit notes£892
Iron PierPorter9G CASK5.30%Complex, rich and dark, balancing roasty malt flavours with robust bitterness£1042
KentHalloween Scream9G CASK4.70%A special Halloween Black IPA that’ll leave you screaming for more£921
KentChocolate Orange 9G CASK5.60%Perfect combination of chocolate and orange in a deliciously luxurious porter£1051
KentChristmas Session 9G CASK3.70%Light hoppy and fruity with a hint of Elderflower Session pale£801
KentYule Log 9G CASK4.50%Creamy Chocolate Yule Log in a glass; liquid dessert for Christmas£942
KentNah Na Nah 9G CASK4.50%Deliciously fruity hops, hints of spice and grapefruit. World Cup beer£922
KentRogue 39G CASK6.00%Blend of modern & trad. Kent hops; citrus, floral, earthy , spice£1112
KentSession PaleS PolyKeg 30l3.70%Light and hoppy session pale; hints if citrus and elderflower£781
KrombacherPilsA Coup30l Keg4.80%Fruity hop aromas from Felsquellwasser and hallertau; clean, refreshing pils£922
Lees JWBitter9G CASK4.00%Amber beer with malty and citrus fruit aftertaste£842
Lees JWDark (Mild)9G CASK3.50%Smooth, well-rounded character, sweet undertones and full malty aftertaste£793
Lees JWManchester Pale Ale (MPA)9G CASK3.70%Golden ale made from all British malt, Liberty and Mount Hood hops£832
Lees JWStout9G CASK4.20%Dark and brooding ale£881
Lees JWCraft Pale Ale9G CASK4.20%Boilerhouse Project pale with Citra, Pilgrim and Mosaic hops£932
Lees JWThe Mighty Deep (Salt collab)9G CASK6.20%Full-bodied export stout collab with Salt; Bramling Cross and UK Cascade hops£1262
Lees JWPlum Pudding 9G CASK4.80%Brewed with pale ale malt, Styrian Goldings hops and a hint of ripe fruit£951
Lees JWMoonraker9G CASK6.50%Classic strong ale; featured in 1001 beers you must try£1071
LoddonDragonfly*9G CASK5.20%Strong pale ale heaps of Cascade and Comet hops, peppery/grapefruit£861
LoddonDisparity White Stout*9G CASK4.80%Roasty dry from cacao nibs, malt and lactose, herby hop notes£501
LoddonHoppit *9G CASK3.50%Highly-hopped classic session bitter. East kent Goldings£771
LoddonHocus Pocus9G CASK4.60%Rich, smooth ruby traditional old ale; Current Champion Old Ale£953
LoddonHocus Pocus – SPICED9G CASK4.60%Traditional old ale + flavours of cinammon, clove and orange peel £963
LoddonRusset *9G CASK4.50%Multi-grain redAutumn ale hopped with Fuggles and Styrian Goldings£902
LoddonDisparity BIPA9G CASK4.80%Pitch black ale, highly hopped with Calypso & Centennial£993
LordsBaller Mountain IPAS PolyKeg 30l5.70%Triple dry hopped mountain IPA, bursting with mouth watering fruity flavours£1102
Mad SquirrelSapwood**S 30l Keg8.50%West Coast DIPA; citrus pith, grapefruit, resinous,piney, touch of caramel£1302
Mad SquirrelJuice Blast Citrus IPAS 30l Keg6.20%Cashmere, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria & Amarillo; zesty orange, lemon & lime £1201
Mad SquirrelMidnight**S 30l Keg5.80%Black IPA; dark malts, notes of citrus and pine£501
Mad SquirrelCV.3*PolyKeg K30l5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£991
Mad SquirrelSplashS 30l Keg5.90%DDH Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime£1262
Mad SquirrelGluten Free HopfestKK 30l Keg3.80%A festival of hops with centennial, chinook and citra£961
Mad SquirrelDe La CrèmePolyKeg K30l4.50%Milk Stout with added lactose sugar£981
Mad SquirrelJackpotPolyKeg K30l5.70%Cherry smoothie milkshake; tart cherry, vanilla and lactose; sweet, smooth£1372
Mad SquirrelAztec Mountain IPAPolyKeg K30l6.20%Tropical and floral notes with aromatic tones of pine; Idaho 7 single hopped£1322
Mad SquirrelJackpotS 30l Keg5.70%Cherry smoothie milkshake; tart cherry, vanilla and lactose; sweet, smooth£1322
Mad SquirrelRedwood* (19/4)9G CASK5.40%Hopped with Centennial and Chinook this is a old school IPA£901
Mad SquirrelMr Squirrel9G CASK4.00%Premium bitter with notes of vanilla, nuts and toffee£841
Mad SquirrelLondon Porter9G CASK5.00%Dark Ale with notes of coffee, chocolate and smoke£902
Mad SquirrelExtra Squirrelly Bitter (ESB)9G CASK5.00%Malt-forward ESB; variety of speciality malts; lots of traditional English hops£922
MilestoneLion’s Pride9G CASK3.80%Traditional English bitter; well rounded, crisp bitter finish£761
MilestoneHarry Porter9G CASK5.20%Dark and smooth porter with a touch of coffee£871
MilestoneDark Galleon9G CASK5.40%Smooth and dark with a hint of rum to warm your heart£891
MilestoneBlack Pearl9G CASK4.30%Authentic stout, hints of chocolate and caramel; US Nuggest and Gallena£812
MilestoneCromwell Best Bitter9G CASK4.40%Clean and refreshing best bitter; good bittering£822
MilestoneArabian Lights 9G CASK4.70%Bitter pale IPA for the World Cup£881
MilestoneEnglish Pale Ale9G CASK3.90%Light, refreshing citrus ale£772
MondoKomet*S 30l Keg3.50%BerlinerWeisse,Hallertau/Mittelfrueh/wheat, chit&lager malt£602
OakhamMompessons Gold*9G CASK5.20%Cask aged amber ale with Challenger and Savinjski Goldings£892
OakhamAsylum*9G CASK4.50%Amber coloured, American hopped premium bitter with insane hop aromas£1012
OakhamJeffrey Hudson Bitter (JHB) *9G CASK3.80%Light and refreshing session bitter£902
OakhamBishop’s Farewell*9G CASK4.60%Premium golden beer, rish and fruity hop flavours, Cascade and Challenger£991
OakhamCitra T90*S 30l Keg4.60%Unfiltered session IPA, exploding with hop character;powerful T90 hop pellets£1042
OssettQuintessential9G CASK4.60%Golden, full-bodied premium ale, complex grist of pale, wheat & cara malts£991
Park1637 PilsS 30l Keg4.90%Deep golden Bohemian-style pilsner. Munich, Pils and Carahell malts£891
PhantomAutumn*KK 30l Keg6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£751
PheasantryBest Bitter9G CASK3.80%Smooth tasting copper coloured beer, with a light spicy aroma£781
PortobelloAutumn Red *9G CASK4.40%Smooth, malty amber/red ale£891
PortobelloStar*9G CASK4.30%Beautifully balanced beer with hints of berry fruits and roasted coffee£701
PortobelloPortobello Market Porter * 30/10)9G CASK4.60%Premium porter, coffee and chocolate notes, beguiling depth of flavour£901
PortobelloHome Turf 9G CASK4.00%Light, some malt and hops, tasty pale – Rugby themed beer£912
PortobelloEngland Believes 9G CASK4.00%A classic British bitter ale brewed with a golden generation of English hops£903
PortobelloSpirit of ’66 9G CASK4.20%A juicy, dry-hopped and super drinkable pale ale£912
PortobelloGazza’s Tears 9G CASK4.50%Dry hopped IPA, light with a hint of citrus£952
PortobelloLondon Pale AleS 30l Keg3.80%Dry hopped golden pale with Uk and US hops; aromas of grape and citrus£832
QuantockQPA9G CASK4.00%Light in colour, US hops, massive citrus flavour and aroma.£802
QuantockWill’s Neck9G CASK4.30%Late hopped golden ale brewed with Chinook and Cascade; citrus and pine£851
QuantockPlastered Pheasant9G CASK4.80%Rich dark amber bitter with a fruity aroma and smooth toffee and coffee flavours£892
QuantockFifty Shades Of Sleigh ??9G CASK3.90%A hoppy Christmas ale with Godiva and Taiheke hops£841
QuantockStriking Forward ?9G CASK4.10%Limited Edition World Cup 22′ made with Amarillo, Cashmere and Lemondrop hops£912
QuantockIntergalactic Space Cow9G CASK5.00%Dry hopped milk stout; malted oats and lactose for an extra deluxe mouth-feel£872
QuantockIntergalactic Space Cow30l PolyKeg5.00%Dry hopped milk stout; malted oats and lactose for an extra deluxe mouth-feel£1051
QuantockWe’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat30l PolyKeg6.30%Full body and sleek mouthfeel joined with huge flavours of tropical fruit£1182
QuantockQPA30l PolyKeg4.00%Light in colour, US hops, massive citrus flavour and aroma.£902
QuantockGreat LakesPolyKegSBag4.30%Limited Edition Keg special with El dorado and Cashmere£1251
Salt/Castle RockCastles In The SkyS 30l Keg5.80%Silky-smooth New England IPA; packed full of Citra, Incognito & Simcoe£1302
SirenColdblooded9G CASK5.00%Cold steeped porter with cascade and equinox and pale chocolate£1101
SirenMemento9G CASK3.80%Best bitter; biscuit and caramel flavours from our malts, balanced by English hops£891
SirenYuLu9G CASK3.60%Refreshing and exciting with Eark Grey and lemon zest£922
SirenPompelmocelloKK 30l Keg6.00%Juicy grapefruit sour hopped with Ekuanot, bravo and mosaic£1081
SirenSurrounded By The SoundS 30l Keg5.50%Hazy pale with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Bru-1; big tropical vibes£1161
SirenHaus PartyS 30l Keg4.80%Traditional Festbier; Saphir, Mittlefruh, Spalter Select, Saaz hops£811
SpartanCerberus9G CASK6.20%Rich export porter; choc & dark fruit flavours; touch of roasted coffee on the aroma£901
StardustLighthouse9G CASK4.80%Bright, hazy pale; pale malt makes a bright yellow base for Citra, Mosaic & Cyro Pop£961
StardustJust Stout9G CASK4.20%Dry Irish stout£821
StardustJust Stout4.5G CASK4.20%Dry Irish stout£441
TapestryTreasure **S 30l EcoKeg6.10%Smoked honey porter, peated malt and honey from Zambia.£501
ThornbridgeBayernS 30l Keg5.00%Late hopped pils; spicy and earthy flavours with hints of citrus.£901
ThornbridgeQuiet Storm-TalusS 30l Keg5.50%Single hopped pale; peaches and grapefruit flavours£1091
ThornbridgeJaipur9G CASK5.90%Packed with US hops, iconic flagship IPA£1073
ThornbridgeAM:PM9G CASK4.50%Gluten free session IPA; US, NZ, Australian hops, papaya, passion fruit & kiwi£961
ThornbridgeMarket Porter9G CASK4.50%Smooth creamy porter; notes of liquorice and coffee£962
ThornbridgeLord Marples9G CASK4.00%Classic bitter, the first brew in 2005. Honey & caramel with a light bitterness£891
ThornbridgePeverel9G CASK4.50%Straw blonde ale single hopped with Mosaic hops£952
ThornbridgeSequoia – American Amber9G CASK4.50%Citrus and pine notes from the generous adds of Amarillo, Centennial&Chinook£951
ThornbridgeWilder’s Folly (collab D Barrelled)9G CASK6.50%Dark ruby mild; big fruit aromas full of gorgeous plum & blackcurrant£1161
ThornbridgeBrother Rabbit*9G CASK4.00%Golden ale, Norfolk malt with punchy lemon flavour from the hops£851
ThornbridgeHopton* (12/7)9G CASK4.30%Burnt gold English pale ale; clean bitterness & touch of lingering grassiness.£741
ThurstonsHorsell Hop9G CASK4.00%Refreshing golden bitter; big fresh garden hop flavour;pleasant finish£921
Tiny RebelCwtch9G CASK4.60%Welsh Red Ale, Champion beer 2015£925
Tiny RebelPeloton Pale9G CASK4.20%Session Pale Ale; smooth, citrus and pine£883
Tiny RebelCloud Shake9G CASK4.00%Sweet maltiness, rich mouthfeel and creamy raspberry£1051
Tiny RebelSuper SynthS 30l Keg4.30%DDH Helles£871
Tiny RebelWheat BeachS 30l Keg4.60%American pale wheat; hazy, clean citrus£891
Tiny RebelKey Lime LagerS 30l Keg4.80%Key Lime Lager – Summer Vibes all year round! Refreshing citrus£861
Tiny RebelElectric BoogalooS 30l Keg4.50%Passion fruit lil NEIPA; mango, papaya and passion fruit notes£901
Tiny RebelCali PaleS 30l Keg5.00%Juicy pale ale£992
Tiny RebelClwb TropicaS 30l Keg5.50%Tropical IPA£1032
TitanicClassic Mild9G CASK3.50%Dark with caramel notes, delicately hopped, sinkable mild. £822
TitanicAnchor9G CASK4.10%Amber, floral, hoppy and very quaffable, full bodied yet bitter ale.£861
TitanicSteerage9G CASK3.80%Gold, refreshing, well-rounded session pale £852
TitanicVienna Lager* (20/10)9G CASK4.00%Deep gold; gentle, low bitterness throughout ; a light, refreshing finish.£861
TitanicIceberg *9G CASK4.10%Iconic pale ale brewed with US hop varieties£881
TitanicPlum Porter Grand Reserve9G CASK6.50%Darker, stronger special edition of Plum Porter LIMITED£1204
TitanicStoutS 30l Keg4.50%Dry Stout, roasted smell and taste with definitive hoppy notes£802
TitseyMercer’s Ale9G CASK5.00%Belgian Blonde: Slightly honeyed fruit with estery notes; Belgian yeast£883
TitseyLeveson Buck*S 30l Keg3.70%Session IPA with an American accent, complex with big flavours£751
Top RopePapa MangoS 30l Keg5.10%Juicy, hazy mango pale ale, dry hopped with Citra.£1151
Top RopeBig Rig -NEPAS 30l Keg5.90% El Dorado, Citra & Cascade; lashings of tropical aromas & stone fruit £1151
True NorthBlonde* (7/22)9G CASK4.10%Perfectly balanced golden ale; Challenger, East Ket Goldings % US Cascade£731
True NorthStones*9G CASK4.00%The original stones bitter brewed back in Sheffield; balance of sweet & bitter£771
TwickenhamParadise PilsS 30l Keg4.50%Light floral aroma and a crisp refreshing finish£951
Weird BeardMariana On Mango*KK 30l Keg7.10%Mango IPA – Trench amped up with added mango!£1103
White HorseRider IPA*S 30l Keg4.30%Fruity, hoppy IPA with Waimea, Citra, Wolf, First Gold, Hercules£751
White HorseTrojan9G CASK4.20%A copper, fruity and balanced ale, hoped with Mandarina Baveria and Wolf£822
White HorseWhite Horse Bitter9G CASK3.70%Deep gold bitter, floral, hints of citrus, malt, First Gold and Bobek hops£781
Wild WeatherKing St Pale9G CASK4.20%An easy-drinking hazy extraordinaire of a beer£933
Wild WeatherCrimson Skies9G CASK5.80%Classic red ale inspired by the brewing traditions of Ireland. Sweet but robust£1052
Wild WeatherMidna9G CASK4.90%Smooth and velvety oatmeal stout with Madagascan vanilla£1011
Wild WeatherBernard Black*KK 30l Keg6.80%Robust Imperial black lager long periods of cold maturations,malty not roasty£991
Wild WeatherDamn Dead MangoKK 20l Keg4.20%Light bodied, lactose sour, gentle citrus notes, refreshing tart with mango£791
Windsor&EtonFirefly9G CASK4.00%Refreshing seriously blond; citrus, melon and papaya notes.£921
WoodfordesReedlighter9G CASK4.00%Pale gold hoppy, light and refreshing pale ale; citrus£853
WoodfordesParson James9G CASK4.50%Limited edition ruby red ale, normally only in selected pubs in Norfolk£993
WoodfordesWherry*(6/10)9G CASK3.80%Rich amber ale, former CBOB, floral aroma with citrus and grapefruit£732
WoodfordesOld Bram*9G CASK5.20%Strong dark ale in memory of the late Bram Lowe£851
WoodfordesNog*9G CASK4.60%Deep, ruby-red ale, rich, chocolatey taste, with liquorice and treacle. £851
WoodfordesBure Gold*9G CASK4.30%Classic aromatic, golden ale with notes of passionfruit and orange£892
WoodfordesNelson’s Revenge*9G CASK4.50%Wholehearted harmony of hops, fruits and barley; aromas of citrus & Norfolk malts£802
WoodfordesVoltageS 30l Keg4.50%Light and hoppy session IPA£761
XT BrewingTimberwolf APAS 30l Keg4.70%Hazy, yellow golden, American Pale; double dry hopped £971
XT BrewingAnimal – Mandarin Fish* (13/10)9G CASK4.60%Orange, pink grapefruit and passionfruit; Summit/Comet/Simcoe/Amarillo£841

Ascot/DiBDouble Down (03/22)1×12 440ml8.00%Dank mango, pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits, sweet coconut & blueberry£292
By The HornsDas Hoff (9/9)1×24 330ml5.00%Hefeweizen; cloves and banana notes£501
ElusiveReflex1×12 440ml4.50%Zingy and refreshing pale ale collab with The Dodo in Hanwell£291
ElusiveRestless World1×12 440ml4.50%Bright and vibrant West Coast pale ale; citrus notes and delicate dankness£262
ElusiveFantasia1×12 440ml5.00%Bitter pale ale using best of British hops Jester and Hrlequin£291
ElusiveFog City1×12 440ml5.00%NEIPA; oats and wheat;Citra & Chinook + Australian Eclipse;citrus & grapefruit£291
Fallen AcornValkyrie1×12 440ml6.80%English hopped NEIPA; passion fruit and pithy stone fruit LIMITED£421
Fallen AcornNot With That Oatitude*(3/6)1×12 440ml10.50%Oat cream and triple IPA with a double dry hop of El Dorado, Azacca & Amarillo £441
GoodnessOur Friend Loral*1×12 440ml5.20%Sofft, hazy Pale Ale with the aroma of a summer garden, with Loral hops£301
GoodnessYes!1×12 440ml4.50%Session IPA, big cryo hop flavours of tangerine and citrus£282
GoodnessWood Green Hopping City (5/22)1×12 440ml4.70%Community grown hops. Traditional golden ale, fruity, biscuit malt base£231
LordsRoy (6/22)1×12 440ml5.80%Cranberry infused pale ale, hazy peach colour with a punchy cranberry kick£291
Mad SquirrelSilver Fern (28/4/22)1×12 440ml6.20%All New Zealand hopped IPA£331
Mad SquirrelCV.3 (21/3/22)1×12 440ml5.70%DDH Belgian IPA Vic secret, Ekuanot and El Dorado£282
Mad SquirrelSupreme (1/3/22)1×12 440ml12.00%Imperial Stout, rich and indulgent, notes of vanilla, coffee and tonka£402
Mad SquirrelAbbey (27/2/22)1×12 440ml7.50%Rich and malty doppelbock£301
Mad SquirrelSumo (6/4/22)1×12 440ml4.70%Summit and Mosaic with flavours of tropical fruit and dank herbs£251
Mad SquirrelSplash (11/2/22)1×12 440ml5.90%Sabro/Citra tropical IPA with a splash of coconut and a dash of lime£322
Mad SquirrelJuice Blast Citrus IPA1×12 440ml6.20%Cashmere, Citra, Mandarina Bavaria & Amarillo; zesty orange, lemon & lime £381
ParkTread Lightly1×12 330ml3.60%Table lager; fresh hops from Epsom garden;delicate flavours of cedar and pine£181
PhantomThree-0 (11/2)1×12 440ml8.70%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito and a heap of Citra Lupomax and Mosaic Lupomax£302
PhantomI’ll Eat When I’m Dead (10/2)1×12 440ml8.00%DIPA with Mosaic Incognito, Nelson Sauvin & Citra£302
PhantomSleeping Lions (12/21)1×12 440ml6.40%IPA with Simcoe, Idaho 7 & El Dorado£202
PhantomLens (27/1/22)1×12 440ml7.00%West Coast IPA with Simcoe, Citra & Cashmere£202
PhantomAutumn (14/3)1×12 440ml6.10%IPA hopped with Idaho 7 and Mosaic for a thick and juicy brew£282
PhantomBalloons (14/3)1×12 440ml5.00%Fruity American pale with Simcoe, Amarillo, Sabro£241
RoostersYankee1×24 330ml4.30%One of the original, new-style, pale ales to be brewed in the UK£361
ThornbridgeLukas (16/6) GF1×12 330ml4.20%Gluten Free Helles lager with Bavarian ingredients, clean, crisp and satisfying.£152
ThornbridgeQuiet Storm-Galaxy*1×12 440ml5.50%Single hopped pale; juicy fruit flavours of guava, mango and lychee£311
ThornbridgeGreen Mountain1×12 330ml4.30%Hazy session IPA with Us and Australian hops, mango, giava and pineapple£221
Tiny RebelStay Puft1×24 330ml5.20%Marshmallow Porter FRESH IN£403
Tiny RebelFive Dollar Shake (23/4)1×24 330ml4.50%Creamy Citra IPA£383
Tiny RebelPeaches and Cream (22/4)1×24 330ml5.50%Creamy Peach IPA£413
Tiny RebelCali Pale (18/5)1×24 330ml5.00%Juicy pale ale£353
Tiny RebelElectric Boogaloo (26/5)1×24 330ml4.50%Passion fruit lil NEIPA£331
Tiny RebelClwb Tropica (26/5)1×24 330ml5.50%Tropical IPA£351
TitanicPlum Porter G R Port Infused 20231×8 750ml6.50%Port Infused special grand reserve edition of Plum Porter£47.502
Top RopePapa Mango (2/22)1×12 440ml5.10%Juicy, hazy pale ale, dry hopped with Citra, conditioned on 60kg of mango puree.£202
Top RopeCold Stone Steve Austin (2/22)1×12 440ml4.60%Smooth, east drinking ice cream pale; key lime pie edition£203
Top RopeDarkOrder (1/22)1×12 440ml5.50%Dark, hoppy IPA packed with Cascade, Citra and El Dorado £202
Weird BeardAcid Black Coffee (03/22)1×12 440ml5.50%Philly sour black IPA with coffee; collab with CraftRock of Jaoan£203
Weird BeardLittle Things That Kill (01/22)1×12 330ml3.90%Session IPA with lactose and oats£122
Wild WeatherStorm In A Teacup (28/2)1×18 440ml6.00%Earl Grey IPA blend with US hops£301

Dorking BrewerySundowner’s CiderS 50l Keg5.00%Medium dry, with partners Garden Cider CoNEW£1342
Thirsty FarmerHot Poker20l BIB4.00%Subtly flavoured mulled still farmhouse cider£553
Thirsty FarmerDry20l BIB5.50%Dry Cider£472
Thirsty FarmerStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider£601
Thirsty FarmerBlackcurrant20l BIB4.00%Blackcurrant Flavour Cider£605
Mr WhiteheadsRum Cask20l BIB7.00%Medium strong rum cask cider£492
Mr WhiteheadsBoxing Dog20l BIB7.50%Medium dry cider£425
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberry20l BIB4.00%Medium strawberry flavoured cider£523
Mr WhiteheadsHeart of Hampshire20l BIB6.00%Dry cider£402
Mr WhiteheadsEquinox20l BIB4.50%Medium cider£392
Mr WhiteheadsHampshire Perry20l BIB3.80%Medium/Sweet Perry£413
Mr WhiteheadsMidnight Special20l BIB5.00%Medium Perry£421
Mr WhiteheadsRum Cask*10l BIB7.00%Medium strong rum cask cider£252
Mr WhiteheadsEquinox10l BIB4.50%Medium cider£231
Mr WhiteheadsEquinoxS 30l Keg4.50%Medium cider; lightly sparkling NEW£722
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberryS 50l Keg4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider; lightly sparkling NEW£1202
Mr WhiteheadsStrawberryS 30l Keg4.00%Strawberry Flavour Cider; lightly sparkling NEW£771
Mr WhiteheadsPlumS 50l Keg4.00%Plum Flavour Cider; lightly sparkling NEW£1201