Thirsty Farmer - Award Winning Nottinghamshire Cider

The Fear Family first made Cider on their Farm in 1880 and supplied a Public house in Weston-Super-Mare. They have been making Cider and most importantly drinking Cider ever since.

Now they live in Rural Nottinghamshire and grow their own Cider apples, which enables them to continue their family tradition of producing quality Cider while upholding the ancient art of REAL Cider.

CAMRA’s Best Cider in the East Midlands in their East Midlands & Yorkshire Cider Competition 2010

2 Gold Stars by the Guild of Fine Food in the 2011 and 2012 Great Taste Awards

CAMRA 2013 - Silver

CAMRA 2014 – Bronze

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Farmhouse Cider

Made with Cider Apples. Very like West Country Scrumpy.

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Sweet Cider

A sweet, still cider made from a blend of apple varieties.

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Strawberry Cider

This charming cider has many juicy, hand-picked strawberries packed into one glass, giving a slight red tinge to this excellent golden drink.

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Lemon & Lime Cider

Lemon and Lime Flavour Cider. A unique exciting Cider that delivers aromatic citrus notes to take you on a journey, where the climate is warm and invigorating!

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Blackcurrent Cider

Enjoyable blackcurrant real cider.

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Dry Still Cider

Still dry cider.

Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Vintage Still Cider
Thirsty Farmer Nottinghamshire Orange and Pineapple Cider

Still dry cider. Orange and Pineapple Flavour Cider.

Making Cider since 2003

Midnight Special was awarded by CAMRA as “Regional Champion Perry of Britain 2017”

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company

Since the age of fifteen, Angus Whitehead has been making the most of the fruits of his garden.

Guided by recipes handed down through generations, many experiments were created using all sorts of soft and hard fruit.

Over the autumn of 2003, dedicated plans were made, machinery equipment and vessels purchased and 60 tonnes of apples pressed.

Now 16 years later, Mr Whitehead's Cider Company produces in excess of 500,000 litres of cider, juice and vinegar every year.

Proud to Use Own Fruit

As well as growing their own fruit – Mr Whitehead’s Cider Company planted some 6,500 trees between 2012 and 2018 in their 7 acre orchard – they supplement their own crop with apples and pears from mainly the Hampshire Downs and the South of England. Growing lots of different varieties of cooking, eating and dessert apples have allowed Angus to create some new and interesting blends, whilst using old and traditional methods to make special ciders throughout the strength range.

Mr Whitehead's Boxing Dog Strong Cider
Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Equinox

Medium cider

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Blackberry Cider

Medium dry blackberry flavoured cider

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Strawberry Cider

Medium strawberry flavoured cider

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Hampshire Perry

Medium/Sweet Perry

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Heart of Hampshire Cider
Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Ciders and Pears

Medium fruit flavoured cider

Mr Whitehead's Cider Company Rum Cask Cider

Medium strong rum cask cider.