Mr Hyde

Packed with powerful citrus hops and a dangerous level of bitterness.

Mr Hyde was originally to be the alter ego to our planned June 2020 seasonal beer “Dr Jekyll”.

A Strange Case of Two Very Different Beers ….!

Something rather more sinister got in the way of that but whilst “Dr Jekyll” (like the rest of our seasonals) is on hold for a while, Mr Hyde is brewed ready for release towards the end of July.

Oakham’s Cask Aged beers command a lot of the brewing team’s care and attention and these award-winning beers prove that it’s time well spent!

The process starts with great beer being brewed in the usual Oakham way, but at the end of the initial fermentation, yeast cells are removed from the beer.

This is because yeast gets tired and a bit bad tempered after working hard in the fermentation process and this can cause undesirable aromas and flavours.

So fresh yeast is introduced to complete the fermentation – a process known as “Krausening” and the method which ensures that Oakham’s Cask Aged beers taste so smooth and drinkable.

The beer is then racked in casks and cellared like a fine wine to allow development of the remarkable flavours and conditioning that characterize the Oakham Cask Aged range.

All of the Oakham Cask Aged beers are aged for at least 6 weeks – usually for much longer.