Cosmic Warrior

Pale brewed with smoked malt and Earl Grey Tea. Soft body & mouthfeel, low bitterness with Lashings of tropical Transatlantic hops.

A transatlantic style pale ale with Amarillo (US), Centennial (US) and Goldings (UK) hops offering a theatrical flowing flamboyance of rousing fruity hop with a soft body and mouthfeel. The brewery used Oats and Wheat in the mash, then the blend of hops is what gives this beers its flowing flamboyance where they use English Goldings offering subtle floral spice then with big additions of Amarillo & Centennial, two American hops that really push the fruit hop flavours home.

Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Goldings.

Malt: Extra Pale Malted Barley, wheat & Oats.

Pairing: Beef/vegie burger, steak pie, cheddar cheese.